Is there any player who doesn’t want to get 10000 diamonds from Free Fire? While we try our best to save as many diamonds as possible, it’s just a dream come true for us to get a whopping 10000 diamonds in a game. Although it’s not an easy thing to do, the Free Fire Diamond Royale is a great challenge from which you cannot win thousands of diamonds but also exclusive bundles and many other items. Today, let’s take a look closer at how the Free Fire Diamond Royale works and how to win 10000 diamonds from the Diamond Royale.

Free Fire 10000 Diamonds

What is Free Fire Diamond Royale

One of the most unique and interesting features in Free Fire is Luck Royale, a kind of each game (like a capsule-toy vending machine). There are different types of Luck Royales like Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Gold Royale. In each game, players can see a prize pool with the grand rewards of diamonds, gold, and exclusive gun skins respectively.
Apart from standing a chance to get 10000 diamonds, you can also obtain many other rewards like the Wilderness Hunter Bundle or Wilderness Trapper Bundle from the Diamond Royale.

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10000 Daimonds New Diamond Event Free Fire Desi Ga

How to get 10000 diamonds from the Free Fire Diamond Royale

To get a chance of winning 10000 diamonds in Free Fire diamond royale, go to the Luck Royale feature from the home screen. Open the Diamond Royale tab and start spinning.

will need to buy spins with diamond vouchers. In the Free Fire global system, one voucher can redeem a spin while an 11 spins combo comes at 600 diamonds. Diamonds royale vouchers can be obtained from various events of Free Fire like the on-going Operation Chrono.

To encourage players, Free Fire also set milestones for them to achieve. When reaching 10 spins, players will get one diamond royale voucher for free. Meanwhile, 2 weapon royale vouchers are the reward for 20 spins achievement and that of 30 spins is 3 magic cube fragments.

While it seems so easy to take part in the event, the chance of winning 10000 diamonds also depends on your luck. In fact, there were some lucky players who won a fortune from the event. Take part in the event today so you will be the next one!

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