When the game was first launched, Homescapes didn’t receive much attention. Given the fact that it resembles Candy Crush Saga, the top 10 mobile games with highest grossing in 2021, people is reasonable when doubting the success of this Gardenscapes' product. However, this match-three title did have a huge base of fans after relentless endeavor to distinguish itself from others in the same genre.

From exciting experiences of designing your own home, Homescapes also offers tons of bonus and gifts during the game to make sure no one gets stuck at a certain level. Having said that, some Super-Hard challenges are really frustrating, forcing many players to look for how to get more lives on Homescapes 2021.

Homescapes 1
Despite its similarities to Candy Crush Saga, Homescapes has its own attraction of designing houses.

Today, we would look at a variety of tips to get unlimited lives on Homescapes as well as how to get more lives in Homescapes instantly without the need of waiting for full lives resumed.

How to get unlimited lives on Homescapes

There are several ways to get unlimited lives while still abiding by the rules of Homescapes. You should make sure you try all these methods first, before resorting to other illegitimate hacks.

Complete daily tasks

The official way to get unlimited lives on Homescapes is to finish all the daily tasks with stars. After you complete 100% of to-do list, you will be granted 30 minutes of unlimited lives.

Homescapes To-Do list
Make sure you finish all remaining tasks in the to-do list to get unlimited lives as soon as possible.

Though this sounds simple, it requires you to have enough number of stars for all the tasks. This is impossible in some occasions because you have lost all lives when trying to pass a level to get stars. That’s why many people resort to Homescapes unlimited lives hack we will explain in later section.

Complete seasonal missions

Another way to get unlimited lives legally is to join seasonal events. When you spend a certain amount of special coins on decoration, the game will give you gifts.

Normally, those gifts are bombs, paper planes or rainbow balls, but it could be 30 minutes or 1 hour of unlimited lives as well.

Homescapes Halloween season
The progress bar shows when you can earn gifts after spending green candies on spooky items.

For example, Homescapes just ran its Halloween celebration. The event allows players to earn green candies to purchase spooky items for their house design. After reaching a certain amount of spending, gamers will get rewards (bombs, lives, paper planes etc).

To earn those special candies for decoratives, you have to pass as many levels as possible though.

How to get more lives in Homescapes instantly

In general, the bonus of unlimited lives all depends on how well you perform in the game and finish all the tasks it requires. In case you don’t want to stick to that rule, refer to this hack to get full lives in Homescapes immediately.

Homescape full lives hack

This cheat gives you five lives instantly without waiting, and could be repeated many times. That’s why it can be considered an unlimited lives hack.

Here’s how to get unlimited lives on Homescapes with time cheat:

  • Close the app so that it’s not running in background.
  • Turn on Airplane mode on your mobile phones
  • Go to Date and Time settings (on either iOS or Android devices)
  • Change the date to the following day. For example, today is November 5 but you need to change it to November 6, so that the app has passed enough time to resume all 5 lives.
  • Open Homescapes and enjoy full lives again.

When you’re done playing games, return to the settings to turn off Airplane mode and correct the dates to normal time zone.

By doing this Homescapes unlimited lives hack, you can have 5 lives instantly at any time you want.

Homescapes level 1787
The only way to get more lives without cheats is to pass levels to earn coins.

New day rewards

Another tip to have full lives in Homescapes is to “Start a new day”. As we mentioned before, after you complete all the daily tasks, you will get 30 minutes of unlimited lives. The to-do list will then suggest “Start a new day” button, but don’t click.

Because you already have 30 minutes of immunity, you need to save that button for later. When the unlimited time for lives runs out, come back to the task list and choose “Start a new day.” The game will get you full 5 lives as rewards for the beginning of the new in-game day.

Full lives purchase

The last answer of how to get more lives in Homescapes is to buy full pack of lives with your accumulated coins. For every 5 lives you purchase, you lose 900 coins in your game bank.


In brief, players need to pass levels to earn stars and special coins, then using them to complete daily or seasonal tasks. When 100% of tasks are done, gamers can get a specific time of unlimited lives. Besides, they can also use full lives hack by changing date on their phones to trick the app.

Last but not least, Homescapes is a very generous game, so you may get tons of bonus and unlimited lives gift unexpectedly during the game.

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