A lot of features in GTA Online are locked behind reputation points (RP). It dictates what vehicles and weapons you can use, the missions you can accept, the abilities you can use... and more. The further you level up, the better your equipment would be - this top out with the minigun at rank 120 and the ability to store 10 body armors in your inventory at rank 135.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online

While you can slowly grind your RP up by completing missions and tasks, it is best to just level up fast to enjoy all the game has to offer right away.. and in this guide on how to level up fast in GTA Online, we would help you with that.

1 - Collect Cargo

Once you reached rank 12, you would be able to go around the map to retrieve cargo drops. A notification would appear on the top right corner of your screen when the mission is available... and should you choose to take it, markings on the minimaps would appear to tell you where it has been dropped. Kill the armed NPCs that defend the drop and open up the crate - you can earn from 3000 to 5000 RP points for each drop.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online
GTA 5 how to level up fast: collect cargo

Overall, this is the best and easiest way to earn RP in the game.

2 - Spin the Lucky Wheel in the Casino

You can find the Lucky Wheel inside the Diamond Casino and Resort. It can be spun once every day for a chance to win one of 20 prizes. 5 of them are RP related, ranging from 2500 to 15000 - you have a 1 out of 5 chance to increase your reputation using this method. If you have already acquired the Podium Vehicle, hit the Vehicle Award slot again before the weekly update reset the podium for a whopping 20000 RP bonus.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online

If you want to cheat, you can also use the Lucky Wheel Glitch to get as many spins as you want - however, this might get your account banned.

3 - Check the Newswire

Every Tuesday, Rockstar would update their Newswire with details related to the weekly events that give double the reputation bonuses. This can include special mission types that are part of a unique event. Regardless of the event type, the double bonus is definitely a great opportunity to get some extra cash and grind RP at the same time. Checking the Newswire can also give you details about discounts for vehicle purchases or free items... so it is best to have the page bookmarked.

4 - Play Adversary Mode

You would need a team to grind RP using this. Adversary mode is a team battle in which one group would go against the other, and the one who survives would get thousands of points. Due to the nature of this mode being combat-oriented, it is super fun to play. The only weakness is that you can't grind solo, which limits it greatly.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online

5 - Join an organization

GTA Online lets you do much more than just the usual solo missions - you can even build a criminal empire with your crew. Once they have enough money, players can buy an office and start their own organizations, inviting other players to join as associates. This would be a great source of RP, as completing missions with a group would provide a lot more bonuses than the usual solo stuff.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online
GTA Online How To Level up fast 2021

6 - Win car races

You can earn up to 500 RP for each race you completed... and you don't even need to be the winner. This might not sound too impressive comparing to other missions, but races are done much faster - you can complete multiple ones in a row to get more. For example, the Criminal Record race can be completed in just 30 seconds if you set it to only one lap.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online

Overall this is the perfect place to grind RP for new players due to the low difficulty - ditch it once you have reached a relatively high rank.

7 - Escape from the Cops

While this is not the quickest way to get experience, it can be done occasionally to get some bonus on the go. Each Star of the wanted level would give you 100 RP points - be careful when going for higher level stars, as the cops would be much harder to shake off if that was the case.

How To Level Up Fast In GTA Online

It is best to get wanted level by stealing cars or killing players, as those actions would also give you some RP in the process.

8 - Pick out a playlist with the best missions

This is the intended way for you to get RP in GTA Online - they are the bulk of the game's content and contain all sorts of play styles and objectives. Try to compile a list of your favorite missions that have the highest RP rewards into a playlist... then either do them by yourself or with a crew. It is faster for you to do missions you know - and that would make your RP grind more efficient.

This is the end of our guide on how to level up fast in GTA Online. Interested in more of our articles related to GTA Online? Please check out this post for a complete guide for the Bunker system.