FAU-G, the massively hyped Indian-made mobile shooter is almost here. Fearless and United Guards is developed by nCore Games, a mobile game studio based in Bengaluru... and is positioning itself as "the PUBG Mobile killer".

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The game is going to be released in a few days, almost at the same time that PUBG Mobile would come back to India. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about FAU-G and how to pre-register for it on Google Play Store.

1 - About FAU-G and its release date

The title was previously announced by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar back in September when PUBG Mobile was banned by the Government after the border clashes with China. People initially regarded it as a joke due to the somewhat similar name to PUBG... but turned out it is actually legit.

A few days ago in Dussehra, FAU-G's teaser was released on Twitter with a Galwan Valley map and created massive hype in the Indian gaming community. No actual gameplay was shown, however.

The game was announced for a release in November... but the last day of the month has passed and still nothing happened. Looks like the release date is going to be delayed to December after all... based on this beta announcement.

2 - How to register for FAU-G on Google Play Store?

The developer NCore games have announced this on Twitter.

Follow the steps below to register and play FAU-G as soon as it is released.

  1. Open FAU-G's Pre-registration page on the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the Green "Pre-register" button. Confirm the registration on the dialogue box afterward by clicking "OK".