In gacha games, "reroll" refers to the process of deleting your current account or data and starting the game over from scratch in order to try and obtain better or more desirable characters, items, or equipment from the randomized gacha pulls. This process involves repeatedly going through the tutorial and initial stages of the game until you have accumulated enough premium currency to do multiple pulls from the gacha.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to reroll effectively in Honkai Star Rail and which character you should aim for.

Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail

Is it even worth to reroll in Honkai Star Rail?

The short answer is NO.

The reason for this is that Mihoyo removed the Guest Login option, which means that each reroll attempt requires a different account. Furthermore, if you already play Genshin Impact and plan to reroll in Honkai Star Rail, you cannot have both games on the same account.

The tutorial in Honkai Star Rail is story-heavy and cannot be skipped, which means that it takes around 30-40 minutes to reach the point where you can start pulling.

The pull rates in the game are quite low, at 0.6% for a 5★ Character, so it could take up to a day of rolling to get one, and there is a high chance that it will not be the one you want.

Honkai Star Rail Character Screen
Mihoyo did their best to prevent players from rerolling.

Additionally, the 20 Star Rail Passes received from pre-registration cannot be used on Rate-Up banners, making rerolling for specific characters impossible. However, it is worth noting that a 5★ Character is guaranteed from the Departure Warp Banner within the first 50 pulls.

How to reroll in Honkai Star Rail

To reroll, there is unfortunately only one method available. As mentioned in the warning section, the salting method is no longer effective, so you will need to prepare multiple dummy emails if you plan to reroll.

The process of rerolling involves the following steps:

  • Log into the game with a new email
  • Endure the 30-40 minute tutorial and click through the dialogue
  • Suffer through the Gacha pulls before logging out and logging back in with a new email

On PC, you may be able to use emulators and their multi-instance feature to reroll multiple accounts simultaneously. More information on this will be available closer to the game's release once it is determined how it runs on emulators.

The Prologue

The initial part of Honkai: Star Rail, known as the prologue, serves as a tutorial for the game. As previously mentioned, it takes about 30-40 minutes to reach the point where you can access the gacha pulls, which are called Warping in this game.

Guide Reroll 1
Star Rail Tutorial

During the Final Beta, we attempted to find the most efficient way to progress through the tutorial. However, the game leads you through a linear route, introducing the main cast of characters and various features of the game, such as exploration, roles, elements, basic combat mechanics, advanced combat mechanics, and so on. As a result, you cannot skip any part of the tutorial and must play through everything that the game presents to you.

Honkai Star Rail Press Kit Image 2
The turn based nature makes the game even slower

The most time-consuming aspect of the tutorial is the numerous conversations that take place. These conversations cannot be skipped, and you must wait for each character to finish speaking before you can click to advance to the next one. This can be quite tedious.

Here are the rephrased steps for the Honkai: Star Rail prologue (spoilers ahead!):

  1. In the beginning, you take control of Kafka and explore the station with Silver Wolf.
  2. After a brief time of witnessing Kafka's annihilation of the Antimatter Legion, you will unlock the game's main character. You can choose either the Female or Male version, but your choice won't have any impact on gameplay, as both genders have the same skills and passives.
  3. On March 7th, Kafka and Silver Wolf will be replaced by Dan Heng, and together with him, you will continue exploring and unlocking Traces and Light Cones.
  4. At this point, Himeko will join your team temporarily, and her presence will make it easier for you to eliminate the Legion.
  5. After a few more battles, including a mini-boss fight, you will meet Asta and finally gain access to Warping.

An essential tip to remember is to utilize your Adventure Logs to level up the main character and Dan Heng as the majority of the tutorial is focused on combat. Doing so will enhance your damage output and allow you to dispatch monsters more quickly.

Pulling Gacha

When you start playing Honkai: Star Rail, you'll receive 20 Star Rail Passes as part of the pre-registration rewards. However, these Passes can't be used on the Rate-Up banners. You have to use them on either the Departure Warp or the Stellar Warp banner.

If you choose the Departure Warp banner, you'll be guaranteed a 5★ character within the first 50 pulls. However, it's recommended to focus on the Stellar Warp banner instead. Since you'll already get a 5★ character from the beginner banner, it's better to reroll on the regular banner and then pull on the beginner banner afterwards. By doing this, you'll have two 5★ characters on your account early.

Therefore, the Stellar Warp banner is the one to use your Star Rail Passes on.

Guide Warpstand
Stellar Warp banner

This Warp allows you to obtain both 5★ Characters and Light Cones. The list of possible 5★ Characters that you can get from this banner includes Bailu, Bronya, Clara, Gepard, Himeko, Welt, and Yanqing.

The rate of getting a 5★ Character or a 5★ Light Cone from this banner is currently set at 0.3%. The chance of obtaining a 4★ Character from this banner is currently set at 5.1%. Since you will only have 20 pulls to use on the banner, your goal should be to get a 5★ Character from this limited amount.

All of the available characters are good except for Himeko, who is too focused on AOE damage and struggles against bosses. If you want the best and most long-term pull, Bronya is the best offensive support in the game. However, if you plan to conquer the Forgotten Hall mode (the equivalent of Abyss in Genshin Impact and the only known endgame content), you will need a healer on each of your two teams. Since Bailu and Natasha are the only healers in the game, you will struggle in this mode with just Natasha. Therefore, Bailu is the character you want to pull if you plan to tackle this challenging content.

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