Sudoku is a challenging logic-based puzzle game. It requires logical thinking and intelligence. Sometimes, you can find it hard to solve a Sudoku puzzle. So, you may need some tips to play this game. Let’s check out this guide on how to solve a Sudoku puzzle and pocket some tips and tricks to complete missions quickly with

About Sudoku Puzzles

Before solving a Sudoku puzzle, we need to learn a little about this game. A Sudoku puzzle is a square with 9 rows and 9 columns. Your mission is filling in this 9x9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9 so that no number repeated in the same row and column. Moreover, the grid is also divided into 9 sub-grids. You also need to make sure that there are no digit (from 1 to 9) repeating insides each sub-grid.

An Example Of A Sudoku Puzzle
An Example Of A Sudoku Puzzle

In a single row or column, it seems to be very easy to fill. But when it comes to a 9x9 grid, it’s more complicated to solve Sudoku puzzles than you think. Solving Sudoku puzzles requires your logical thinking, cleverness, and some tips. Here’s the guide on how to solve a Sudoku puzzle fast. There are steps and examples for you to follow and understand the instructions better.

How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle?

There are seven basic and simple steps to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Before playing this game, you need to prepare some stuff to solve the puzzle better. First, you need a pencil and an eraser. If you play this puzzle game on your mobile phones, you also need a copy of the puzzle on a paper. It gives you a space to calculate and find the answer better.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Prepare
Prepare necessary things before solving the puzzle

Fill in The Missing Blocks

The first step to solve the Sudoku puzzle fast is filling in the missing blocks. Fill all nine digits (from 1 to 9) in a tic-tac-toe order in all missing blocks. It will help you choose the right number better and more logically in the later steps. It’s very simple to complete this step.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 1
Fill all digits in the blank blocks    

How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle: Remove Across

Next, you use the eraser to remove the number that already appeared in the same row. Let’s start with row by row. It’s easier for you to follow and avoid repeating the number. For example, you start with removing the number 6 in the first row which was preprinted. Then, put a cross line on the top of that number to make it clearer for the next steps.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 2
Remove repeated number in the same row

How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle: Remove Down

Then, you continue to remove the repeated digit in the same row. You can do it from right to left or conversely. For instance, you also remove the number 6 in missing grids on the same column that this number lies on. After that, you also put a vertical line beside the preprinted number 6 as a sign.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 3
Delete the duplicated number in the same column

How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle: Remove All-Around

In this step, you continue to erase the repeated number in the same sub-grid. For example, there is a ‘6’ in the top left corner grid. So, you remove all the ‘6’s in the missing grids in that sub-grid that you filled in before. Also, you put a circle on the preprinted number 6 to indicate that there is no ‘6’ repeated in that sub-grid.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 4
Next, erase the repeated number in the same group

Repeated This Process For Each Preprinted Number In Each Column, Row, And Sub-Grid

You also do these steps with other rows, columns, and sub-grids. You need to do it one by one to avoid making mistakes because the puzzle can be very complicated and tangled. If you do not follow these steps orderly for every single column, row, and sub-grid, you can make a mess.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 5
Repeat the process above for all preprinted numbers

You shouldn’t try to be multitasking in this game because many puzzles are messier than you think. Make sure that you do step-by-step for each preprinted number. Complete removing all repeated ‘6’s in its row, column, and sub-grid before moving to the next preprinted number.

Put The Right Numbers In The Blocks

After removing repeated numbers, you can solve several blocks. Players will notice that there are some grids in which there is only one digit left. It’s also the right number for that block. Then, you can use a pen to write down that answer into the block.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 6
Put the found number in the right block

However, not all blocks can be solved at once. You need to repeat the process of removing across, down, and around again. This time, you treat these founded numbers as preprinted ones and repeat the removing process.

Look Up The Only Number In A Group

Some puzzles can be so complicated and messy that you cannot find the only number left after doing elimination. So, you can look around in nine blocks of a sub-grid. If you see a number that appears once in all the sub-grid although it can stand with other numbers in its block, it’s still the answer you are finding.

Solve A Sudoku Puzzle Step 7
Continue to find other numbers

For example, in this sub-grid, there is only a ‘3’ left in this sub-grid located on the top right corner of the puzzle. Moreover, there is no other ‘3’ appearing in that sub-gird. So, ‘3’ is the right answer for that block. Write it down and treat it as a preprinted digit.

These are seven steps to have all solved Sudoku puzzles. If you follow these steps strictly, you can complete every Sudoku puzzle with ease. So, pocket and practice this guide on how to solve a Sudoku puzzle many times. Once you get used to this process, you can solve it fast. To update the latest puzzle game news as well as more tips to play puzzle games like a pro, let’s follow our website.

Where to play Sudoku

There are numerou websites and app where you can play sudoku online. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Sudoku on Solitaired - Play across 6 difficulty levels and use their full screen mode for an immersive experience
  • Sudoku on BrainBashers - Play their daily game, and you can print out each game if you’re old fashion and like to do it by hand.

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