Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is among the three GTA game series developed and released for Android by Rockstar Games. In case you are looking for the cheat codes to use in the mobile version as well as how to use cheats in GTA San Andreas Android, we have everything that you need.

This guide will let you know how to how to add cheats in GTA San Andreas Android, just know that it is not as easy as on other platforms.

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This article will help you know how to type cheats in GTA San Andreas Android.

Applying cheats to GTA SA game

GTA is famous as a game on the PC platform. However, when GTA SA reached mobile devices later, their Google Play Store download soared higher than anyone could expect. It is listed on the Store for the price of Rs. 182.

However, users can get around purchasing by getting OBB and APK files from the Internet. And yet there is still one thing bothering players on mobile phones: they were not able to utilize the cheat system any longer.

On the PC version, players only have to enter words by the keyboard and then click enter to work the cheat. But how to write cheats in GTA San Andreas Android? If you are struggling, this is the answer.

Gta San Andreas
See below for how to add cheats in GTA San Andreas Android.

In order to add cheats in GTA SA on your Android device, you need to install the APK game file preinstalled with some cheat apps like Cleo SA or use other GTA San Andreas Cheater applications. Some apps like JCheater, Cleo SA can work for both non-rooted and rooted Android services.

How to use cheats in GTA San Andreas Android

Check out how to type cheats in GTA San Andreas Android with this step-to-step guide here:

1. Connect A Keyboard To Your Device

Gamers should have an external keyboard to the smartphones via USB or Bluetooth. Moreover, they can get third-party applications such as Slash, Touchpal, Swiftkey to have access to a virtual keyboard.

2. Save The Game

It is essential to make a new file before you begin using the cheat codes. Apart from that, Achievements will be disabled if you put in any cheat code so keeling a “clean” save for the future is paramountly important.

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It will help you have a reliable backup in case your game is corrupted.

3. Pick a Cheat Code

GTA San Andreas has a lot of cheats for users to apply to their game. However, certain mobile just cheats from specific codes.

4. Enter the code

The next step on how to use cheats in GTA San Andreas Android is to input the right load of letters through the virtual or external keyboard. Moreover, players do not have to pause their game while tying the cheat codes in.

5. Cheat activated

A prompt will do the confirmation if the game has successfully recognized the cheat code. Meanwhile, in case you do not any prompt, try taking the steps again and it would work eventually.

Cheat Codes For Android

And these are essential when it comes to how to use cheats in GTA San Andreas Android: the codes. With these codes, you will be able to conquer any GTA San Andreas mission.

  • GONPXWR: Full Invincibility

It makes players 100% invulnerable to EVERYTHING in the game such as drowning, bullets, and more.

  • BIEUHQY: Weapon Set 4

This hands you thermal goggles, a minigun, and an s.e.x toy. You can re-type the code in and the thermal goggles will turn into night vision goggles.

  • BYIXZIY: Complete Current Mission

It finishes the task players are currently doing. However, it does not work for every mission.

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Each cheat code will assist players in a different aspect of the game.

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  • KRRIHBT: Show Mappings

Make sure to be careful on how to write cheats in GTA San Andreas android as this displays the mobile interface for your game.

  • JQFUDUB: Show Targeting

This displays “status text” on your character’s head and the colored bars above PEDS

  • YACKMWS: Skip 4 Hours Time

The cheat codes skips players' time ahead in-game by 4 hours exactly.

  • MIZYXHZ: Show Tap To Target
  • XBOX_HELPER: Stats Changer

Meanwhile, this alters various stats in the game like buck spent on inks, pedestrian wasted, and the times Carl is busted.

The Achievement will be unlocked when you finish each act one more time.

Gta San Andreas Cheats For Mobiles 3
GTA San Andreas

All in all, these steps are quite straightforward on the whole. In case you don’t own a keyboard, get an affordable one to enter the cheats.

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