While GTA San Andreas is considered the best game in the franchise by long-time fans, it is fairly dated. While some missions are genuinely challenging, others are hard because of the clunky mechanics of the game.

In this GTA San Andreas Mission List, we are going to showcase the top 10 hardest quests in GTA San Andreas.

10 - Stowaway

Stowaway is based on a scene in a blockbuster movie, with your character dodging gunfire while speeding towards the ramp of a plane that's about to take off.

Chasing the plane in Stowaway

The kicker here is that the enemies will be dropping barrels in your path. Driving in the older GTA games is fairly clunky, making evading those barrels a tedious challenge that will really test your patience and skill. The rest of the mission is fairly easy to accomplish - you only need to kill everyone on the plane.

9 -  Farewell, My Love…

Another quest involving vehicles. In Farewell, My Love…, Carl's ex-GF Catalina challenges him on a race so that he could prove his love. The race is extremely long and treacherous. Therefore, a single mistake like one missed jump or wrong turn could cost you the whole thing and force you to replay it again.

Farewell, My Love…
Confronting your ex-GF

8 - A Home in the Hills

In this mission, your task is to clean up the hundred of goons who have taken over the mansion of your friend Madd Dogg. While there is another chase scene at the end, the most challenging part is actually the shooting. The game would throw hordes upon hordes of goons against you - prepare for one of the most tedious fights in the game.

A Home in the Hills
Land on the top of the mansion and shoot your way down

7 - Supply Lines

In this mission, CJ's task is to control a miniature airplane to destroy Berkley's fleet of delivery couriers in different parts of San Andreas. You need to kill five sets of Berkley's delivery personnel, all while watching the fuel of the plane and get it back to the roof of Zero's shop.

Supply Lines
Control the toy plane

You will need a few tries for this one - the fuel is actually the problem here. The whole thing would fail if your plane runs out of fuel midway.

6 - Robbing Uncle Sam

Another challenging mission due to the dated nature of the game. This time, the fault is because of an AI character that stands around while you do all the work.

Robbing Uncle Sam
Ryder tends to die very easily

In Robbing Uncle Sam, you have to clear the docks full of military soldiers then steal the crates from a burning warehouse. Your AI partner, Ryder, has a tendency of getting ambushed and killed by the upcoming waves of soldiers. You have to complete the tasks of the mission while defending him at the same time, as his death fails the mission. Comparing to other GTA games, San Andreas is still better.

5 - Learning To Fly

This is the classic flying tutorial mission, in which your task is to perform various maneuvers flying planes. The clunky controls make it overly frustrating - nine times out of ten you will find yourself crash onto the runway and explode. Flying through hoops has never been this frustrating.

Learning To Fly
Plane controls are super clunky

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4 - OG Loc

You should realize the drill by now - OG Loc is also about vehicles. In this mission, you would aid your old friend in committing murder right after getting out of prison. You will need to chase the target down in a motorbike while weaving in and out of traffics at high speed, crossing through the narrow street, and avoiding gunfire from your target.

OG Loc
Aid OG Loc in a quest

The kicker is that you need to get a clear line of sight for OG Loc to shoot the target as well... Most people have to replay this quest quite a few times.

3 - Freefall

In Freefall, CJ needs to steal the slowest plane in the game, the Dodo, to chase after the Shamal, a much faster vehicle. It requires extreme accuracy to not fall too far behind the Shamal as it would be very difficult to catch the plane before it is too late.

Fly the slowest plane on a chase

When placed on top of all the previously mentioned clunky flying mechanics, the quest would definitely take a lot of your time to complete.

2 - Wrong Side of the Tracks

In this mission, you and Big Poppa would take on the whole Vagos gang. Wrong side of the tracks involving all three most annoying features of GTA SA: driving, AI and chasing. You need to rely on the AI Big Poppa to shoots the enemies on top of a moving train while trying your best to stay close to it on the top of a motorbike.

Wrong Side of the Tracks
You must rely on the stupid AI

This would not be that bad if Big Poppa's accuracy isn't abysmally low.

1 - End of the Line

It is rather fitting that the final mission of the game being the most challenging one. End of the Line has multiple stages - you would get to drive SWAT tanks, storm buildings and mow down endless hordes of enemy police and goons.

End of the Line
The final confrontation

The most frustrating part of the mission is the time limit - you need to rescue Smoke before it or else the mission would fail. With the whole thing being super long, one or two missteps could waste a lot of your time.

This is the end of our GTA San Andreas mission list. Interested in more of our articles related to the Grand Theft Auto Online? Please check out this post for the Top 5 Fastest Cars Under 500k In GTA Online.