Rockstar Studio has been taking quite a while to make the next GTA game. In the past, we have 3 GTA Games in one console generation... but now, we have 1 GTA Game that lasts 3 generations. They have been focusing on the Red Dead franchise in the last few years to release the sequel onto PC.

GTA 6 leaks
A lot of leaks for GTA 6 has been floating around the internet

Now, with Red Dead 2 finished development, it is about time that Rockstar reveals the game that fans wanted most, GTA 6. There have been quite a few leaks about the game, and in this article, we will be discussing the two most prominent ones. Based on the leaks, GTA 6 will take place in the modern-day... and its location is Vice City.

1 - Will GTA 6 be set in Miami or Vice City?

Back in 2018, an inside source allegedly revealed that the next game in the GTA franchise is going to set in Miami. While the real Miami exists in the GTA universe, Vice City is also based on the real-life Miami. With the GTA franchise's tradition of using a fake city, we might be coming back to that instead. Leslie Benzies, the former president of Rockstar North stated that this is a possibility.

All GTA games have been revolving around either Liberty City (New York), Los Santos (Los Angeles) and Vice City (Miami). Liberty City is getting the most appearances so far, with the first 4 mainline GTA games take place there. San Andreas and V revolve around Los Angeles, with Vice City having only one entry.

It just makes sense that the sixth entry returns to the city of vices.

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2 - Would GTA 6 take place in the modern-day?

Well-known leaker Tom Henderson, the leaker of Call of Duty and Battlefield 6, has just revealed more info about GTA V's sequel. According to him, GTA 6 is set in the modern-day instead of going back in time into the past.

GTA 6 graphics might come back to Vice City in the modern-day

The reason behind this is that a lot of systems in GTA V and GTA Online revolves around modern-day technology like smartphone and the internet. If the franchise were to come back to the 1980s, a lot of these systems would have to be abandoned and created anew.

GTA 6 Vice City
Vice City looks insanely good in GTA 6 graphics.

We probably are going to get a GTA 6 with modern-day Vice City if those rumors are correct.

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