Heists are probably the most epic part of GTA 5 & GTA Online's gameplay, featuring a huge group working together instead of just the usual lone gunman. Heists are also the main way for players to make money in the game, which is the main resource that runs everything.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best heists in GTA 5 (both single-player and online versions).

5 - GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist

Instead of the usual city of Los Santos, the Cayo Perico heist would take players to a brand new location that they have never been to before. Rockstar has never done this - all previous updates since the beginning of GTA Online have been in Los Santos only. Cayo Perico, on the other hand, is a private island in the Caribbean sea... and its tropical theme reminds people of Vice City.

GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist
This is the debut of a brand new location in GTA Online

The gameplay in this heist is fresh and entertaining - there are multiple methods for the player to tackle the Cayo Perico, and almost all of them are entertaining.

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4 - GTA Online's Doomsday Heist

This is actually the biggest heist ever in all GTA games. The whole thing is separated into three acts, each requiring 2 to 4 players to do a lot of missions. The Doomsday Heist is more or less a "government conspiracy" story, with act 1 involving players stealing mysterious data from the government that might spark a war.

GTA Online's Doomsday Heist
The doomsday heist has a lot of phases

The scope of the story increases in later acts. Act 2 has players stopping rogue Russian agents from causing World War 3, and act 3 has the player stopping an AI from taking over. Doomsday Heist is stellar both story-wise and reward-wise.

3 - GTA 5's The Paleto Score

While this heist's gameplay part is nothing special, the story behind the Paleto Score is pretty iconic. It is a heist that involves the protagonist trio Michael, Franklin, and Trevor robbing a small bank in Paleto Bay that belongs to the dirty cops and the army.

GTA 5's The Paleto Score
The Paleto Score mission takes place in Paleto Bay

Everything is over the top in this heist, with the protagonists fighting against the cop army using armors and miniguns.  If you like to go loud with explosions in the background, the Paleto Score should be your favorite.

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2 - GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino heist is probably the most well-designed heist in GTA Online. Players can choose between three different approaches 'aggressive', 'silent and sneaky' and 'the big con'. All three methods have their own prep missions and various heist items randomly spawned. Overall, you would need to clear it multiple times to experience everything.

GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist
The Diamond Casino Heist has a lot of approaches

At least players can do the prep mission solo. You only need help from other players during the heist itself.

1 - GTA 5's The Big Score

The final heist in GTA V's story mode... and probably the best of the bunch. This heist involves the three protagonists hitting the country's gold depository and steal away 4 tons of it. Players can choose between two approaches 'subtle' and 'obvious', with multiple crew members participating.

GTA 5's The Big Score
The Final Mission of the game

After the heist is completed, each protagonist can get up to $44 million, the highest of any heists in the game.

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