I and many SouL fans out there have been waiting for too long to see MortaL and his teammate to be on the top again. And yesterday it actually has happened in a major PUBG Mobile tournament, the India Today League: PUBG Mobile Invitation. Team SouL has gotten to the top on Day 1 of the tournament, defeating other top teams such as Fnatic, TSM Entity (Entity Gaming).

India Today League
Overall standings Day 1 of the India Today League - PUBG Mobile Invitational 2020

Their performance in the recent few months has been quite mediocre in both tournaments and scrims. They constantly got low placements but fans still have faith in the team and patiently waiting for the comeback of the team.

India Today League Soul
Team SouL used to be one of the best PUBG Mobile team in India, but their performance lately has been very bad

Although team SouL lost their Chicken Dinner to Fnatic in the third match, they still took the top position after Day 1 of the India Today League: PUBG Mobile Invitation thanks to their aggressiveness. They scored a total of  31 kills and 61 points overall.

TSM Entity went second with 27 kills and 52 points in total, followed by Fnatic with 22 kills and 49 points. Considering that Fnatic has been going through a rough time lately, they have done a great job this time and fulfilled their promise to the fan.

You can check out the full replay of Day 1 of the India Today League: PUBG Mobile Invitation below.

The India Today League: PUBG Mobile Invitation will be lasting for 3 more days until April 26 with top-notch from the best PUBG Mobile teams in India. The second day of the tournament will start this afternoon. If you are interested, you can check it out on the India Today Gaming Youtube channel.