The gaming industry has been growing exceptionally well in the last few years in India. There are more and more successful Indian gaming streamers/ YouTubers now than ever who have millions of subscribers. And then there are esports tournaments with prize pools of millions of dollars as well. It makes many people wonder how much money these professional players actually make.

8bit Thug
8bit Thug is the co-founder of S8UL Esports

Recently, Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal, the co-founder of S8UL Esports, just shed light on how much money Indian gaming esports athletes, streamers, and content creators are able to earn.

1 .Salary of professional Esports players

Agarwal claims that the salary of esports players in Indian varies from $341 to $1091 per month depending on their performance. When it comes to the prize money from tournaments, they actually don't make much because the organization will take most of the prize money, up to 90%. Having said that, the richest pro players in India did earn a handsome profit from winning big tournaments.

For famous top-tier esports players such as ScoutOP, they will have many great deals from sponsorships, which worth a lot.

ScoutOP got many great sponsor deals due to his reputation.

2. Income Sources of Gaming streamers/ YouTubers

Along with the rise of esports, there is also a huge growth in content creating and streaming. Most of the money Indian gaming streamers/ YouTubers make is through ad revenue, Super Chat, and Channel Membership.

Super Chat and Channel Membership

According to Agarwal, an Indian gaming streamer with 10 million subscribers can make around $1 million (~Rs 7 crore) a year. A channel with 1 million subscribers can make around $150,000 - $200,000 (~ Rs 1-1,5 crore) a year. Finally, people who have 300K - 500K subscribers can make around $100,000 (~Rs 73 Lakh) a year.

Indian Streamer
Indian gaming streamers on YouTuber make money from Super Chat, and Channel Membership.

Ad revenue

A 10-minute-long video with 4 ads, 1 million views, and an average of 40% watch time will generate Rs 24,000 ($327). Agarwal says that the CPM rate doesn't change too much across the YouTube channels that he is managing.

These numbers are not superficial. The first-hand experience of a lot of Indian YouTubers making this amount is something that I know of

This means a typical gaming YouTuber in India will get Rs 24 for 1,000 views. Using this metric, we can calculate the earning of many popular YouTubers in India. For example, Total Gaming who got more than 300 million views in the last 30 days could earn around Rs 72 Lakh (~$100,000) from Youtube ads only.

Of course, not all streamers have reached that level. Only the top famous gaming Youtubers in India could generate that whopping amount of money from their channels via ads.

Total Gaming 25 Million Subs
Total Gaming is the most subscribed gaming channel in India.

You can check out the full videos of 8bit Thug below for more detailed information.

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