Kaedehara Kazuha is the main character in the current Genshin Impact banner. He is a very powerful character with an interesting story. Here are the top interesting facts about Kaedehara Kazuha.

#1. Exceptional Sense Of Hearing

Kaedehara Kazuha has an exceptional sense of hearing. So, this excellent samurai can hear the smallest sound like a snowdrop hitting the ground and detect incoming enemies. It's an important skill to survive in Teyvat, especially in Inazuma where he is hunted for Vision by the force of Raiden Shogun.

Kazuha Loves Traveling
Kazuha has a good sense of hearing.

Kazuha often listens to nature and finds the beauty of the world. He always feels for hearing the beautiful birdsong every sunrise thanks to his exceptional sense of hearing. Kazuha also loves hearing the rain sound which is a simple pleasure in his cushy life in the Kaedehara clan. But the sound of thunderstorms often annoys him.

#2. Special Philosophy On Food

Kaedehara Kazuha is pretty picky in eating. He has a very interesting philosophy on food. Kazuha believes that food must be prepared and cooked carefully with the best subtleness and delicacy. Even simple dishes like grilled fish and miso soup should be prepared and cooked slowly so that eaters can taste its full flavor.

Kazuha Is A Picky Eater
Kazuha is pretty picky in food.

#3. Beidou Saved Kazuha's Life

Beidou is the Crux ship captain from Liyue who often travels around the world of Teyvat with her crew. She met and save Kazuha when he lost everything. Beidou brought him to her Crux family. After that, Kazuha became a member of the Crux family and traveled the world with Beidou.

He soon gets admiration from everyone on the ship thanks to his skills in martial arts. Moreover, Beidou also helps Kazuha make his wanderer's dream come true. He always wants to visit all seven nations in Teyvat, meet all people, and enjoy his journey.

Kazuha Facts And Stories
Kazuha and Beidou

#4. He Feels Safe With His Blade

As a swordsman, Kazuha always feels safe when he has his blade in his hands. He loves being in nature, sleeping on a warm stone, waking up in a strange destination in Crux's sea route, and enjoying the mid-afternoon sunshine.

It may make other people feel unsafe because there are a lot of monsters and enemies out there in the wild. But Kazuha does feel unsafe provided that he has his blade in his hands. He can go everywhere with his trusty weapon.

Kazuha Always Feels Safe With This Sword
Kazuha always feels safe with this sword.

#5. Kazuha Has A Romantic Soul

One of the most interesting facts about Kaedehara Kazuha is his romantic soul. He loves playing and performing music. Kazuha often uses a leaf to blow and perform beautiful melodies.

Besides, Kazuha also loves maple leaves which appear when he uses his elemental burst. But he is often unhappy when these leaves turn red because it marks the time of many goodbyes.

He Loves Performing Music
He loves performing music.

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