Free Fire OB23 Update version is coming soon with a lot of new features, including a new male character. Will it be Lucas or Jai? The new character is inspired by the famous Indian actor named Hrithik Roshan. Here are things you need to know about this character.

Free Fire Hrithik Roshan Character Details

Free Fire is going to launch a new update OB23. According to some leaks, a new male character may come to this game in this upcoming update. This character is inspired by a Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan. But in this game, the character has a different name. He will be called 'Jai' in Free Fire.

Hrithik Roshan Character
Free Fire OB23 Update version is coming soon with a lot of new features

If you are a fan of this Bollywood actor, you definitely know Jai is the name of Hrithik Roshan's characters in his movies. The new character Jai will come to this game as an agent of SWAT. He was trained for difficult and high-risk missions. Jai will come with a unique skill of 'Furious Reload'.

This special skill lets Jai reload the ammo mag automatically when the weapon runs out of bullets. It works in certain weapon categories, including Shotguns, ARs, SRs, SMGs, and Pistols. So, you don't need to waste the time reloading the gun during combat. It will be a useful ability because weapon reloading is one of the key elements to get Booyah. In a 1v1 close combat, if you reload the gun faster, you get a great advantage over the enemy.

Is Jai Coming
Is Jai Coming This Game In OB23 Update?

However, this new character is not likely to come to Free Fire OB23 Update. In the latest Twitter update of Free Fire Brazil, the new character to come in the upcoming update is Lucas. As usual, Garena often introduces a new character every update. So, it seems that the new character inspired by Hrithik Roshan will come later. Free Fire may introduce him in the following update OB24.