JIGS's real name is Jigar Patel, a popular Indian content creator. He is well-known for his amazing skill in Free Fire. He is the leader of one of the strongest Free Fire guild, BOSS, where many prominent Free Fire players reside.

His Youtube channel JIGS OFFICIAL is currently having 791k subscribers.

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JIG is one of the best and most popular Free Fire players in India

In this article, we are going to take a look at his stats, K/D ratio in Free Fire.

JIGS’ Free Fire ID and stats

JIGS’ Free Fire ID is 497887030.

JIGS’ overall stats

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This is the overall stats of JIGS in Free Fire ever since he started this account

JIGS has played a total of 11866 squad games and won 4460 of them, an impressive number. He has a 37.58% win rate in total. He has 36470 kills, making up of a K/D ratio of 4.92.

Compare that to Solo and Dou, we can see that he mostly only play Squad and barely touch Solo and Dou. He only played a total of 180 Dou matches with 38 wins and 447 kills. His win rate in Dou is 21.11% and his K/D ratio is 3.15.

He played 84 Solo games with only 9 wins and 106. That is a 10.71% win rate and a K/D of 1.41.

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JIGS’ current season stats

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The overall stats of JIGS this season, he hasn't played any Solo or Dou games yet

This season, he hasn't played a single Solo or Dou game at all. He played a total of 181 Squad matches and win 43 matches with 439 kills. That makes up a total win rate of 23.75% and a 3.18 K/D ratio.

JIGS’ social media


JIGS's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realjigsofficial_/?igshid=4tw27y12mu6l

JIGS's Facebook: https://discord.com/invite/R7x7u2C3yC

JIGS's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaq2lkzYr1Qmiu5zJugSZww

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