Keqing is a 5-star Electro Sword character in Genshin Impact. As her ascension stat is crit damage percentage, players usually build Keqing around criticals for more consistent damage. As her elemental skill turns her basic attacks into Electro, Keqing is rather flexible in terms of builds. In this article, we are going to showcase the best Keqing team comps for high DPS.

Keqing is a very fast sword user.

1. Best Keqing Team Comp (High End)

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
KeqingMain DPSThundersoother (4)Any
XingqiuSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)C6
VentiSupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any
QiqiHealerOcean-Hued Clam (4)Any

Since Keqing does not rely on her elemental damage entirely, players can use her normal and charged attack as their main combo. Keqing can build her burst pretty easily, so use it whenever possible.

Genshin Impact Keqing Build
Keqing does not have the ludicrous damage of Pyro or Cryo characters

Xingqiu boosts Keqing's damage via his Hydro application and burst, as almost all of his attacks are AOE. Venti serves as the crowd control character, grouping up enemies together for Keqing and Xingqiu to finish them off with their burst.

Qiqi serves as the healer of the team, who can also apply Cryo to wet enemies to trigger Freeze. This allows Keqing to make use of Superconduct to boost her physical DMG.

2. Keqing Raiden Team Comp (High End)

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
KeqingMain DPSGladiator's Finale(2) + Thundering Fury(2)Any
Raiden ShogunSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any
KazuhaSupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any
BennettHealer/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5

Keqing is the main DPS in this lineup who deals damage using her charged attacks and elemental burst. Burst damage is maximized with Kazuha, Raiden and Bennett's aid. Raiden Shogun is the second DPS of the team, who switches in to use her burst. Kazuha is the main crowd control + buffer, while reducing enemy Elemental resistance at the same time.

Raiden Shogun Baal
Raiden Shogun is perfect to build an Electro team.

Lastly, Bennett serves as the healer of the team while providing an ATK boost at the same time.

3. Keqing Team Comp - Overload (Mid Tier)

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
KeqingMain DPSGladiator's Finale(2) + Thundering Fury(2)Any
BeidouSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any
XianglingSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any
BennettHealer/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5

This build can make use of the Electro and Pyro elemental resonance to deal even more damage. Keqing is the main DPS in this team comp. Keqing and Beidou deal Electro DMG which reacts with Pyro application from Xiangling to trigger Overload.

Xiangling's Elemental Burst is the key to this combo, providing a huge amount of DMG and continuous Pyro element application. As usual, Bennett provides healing and buffs to other members of the team.

Xiangling is the best budget Pyro character you can get in Keqing team comps.

4. Keqing Team Comp - Superconduct (Mid Tier)

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
KeqingMain DPSGladiator's Finale(2) + Thundering Fury(2)Any
QiqiHealerOcean-Hued Clam (4)Any
KaeyaSupportEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any
LisaSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)Any

This is the best team comp for Keqing Superconduct. With Cryo resonance and ascension rank 4 crit rate bonus, Keqing can shred all enemies in her path with the 30% increased crit rate. Kaeya is your Cryo spambot enabler while Qiqi can heal and also provide Cryo.

Lisa is there to use Thrilling tales and regenerate Keqing's burst because her energy regeneration is not that good to begin with. Just spam the Cryo abilities then trigger Superconduct with Keqing to begin your auto attack sequence.

Kaeya is a great asset to Keqing teams, he can apply Cryo pretty easily with his skill.

5. Keqing DPS Team Comp - Electrocharged (Mid Tier)

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
KeqingMain DPSThundering Fury (4)Any
FischlSub DPSThundering Fury (4)Any
XingqiuSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any
BennettHealer/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5

This is a mid-tier team comp that revolves around using Xingqiu's Elemental Burst to inflict Hydro then react with Keqing and Fischl's Electro DMG to trigger Electro-Charged.

Fischl is a great off-field electro support.

6. Keqing F2P Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Keqing as a sole 5 star. This is how you can make Keqing more effective even with a free squad.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
KeqingMain DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4)Any
KaeyaSub DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4)Any
FischlSub DPSThundering Fury (4)Any
BarbaraSupportOcean-Hued Clam (4)Any

Keqing team build around Phys and Electro. She is the main DPS in this lineup, with Fischl providing energy for her elemental burst. Kaeya can spread Cryo to enable superconduct debuff for extra physical damage. Barbara's healing and Hydro application can be useful in certain circumstances.

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