Knights of Favonius and Fatui are two of the biggest affiliations in Teyvat now. They follow different principles and core values. Are you curious which force will win if they encounter each other in a war? Let's guess!

Knights Of Favonius Members

The Knights Of Favonius affiliation in Teyvat has a great power that comes from every warrior and the art of war. Varka is the Grand Master of this force. Under the higher leader Varka, there are some captains to support him in managing this force, such as:

  • Jean is the Acting Grand Master;
  • Kaeya is the Quartermaster and Cavalry Captain;
  • Eula is the Reconnaissance Company's Captain;
  • Albedo is the Chief Alchemist and Investigation Team's Captain;
  • Hertha is the Logistics Company's Captain and Coordinator.

Except for Hertha, all other captains are strong playable characters in Genshin Impact. Besides, there are some playable outriders, such as Amber, Noelle, Lisa, Klee, Sucrose, and Traveler.

Knights Of Favonius
Knights of Favonius protect Mondstadt.

Fatui Vs Knights Of Favonius

The 8th Fatui harbinger La Signora came to rob the Gnosis of Barbatos from Venti, she told her team that they shouldn't encounter the Knights Of Favonius in Mondstadt City. Therefore, it's not easy to tell which force can win if some Fatui harbingers attack Mondstadt.

Let's check out which member of Knights Of Favonius can encounter Fatui Harbingers to protect the City of Mondstard if it's attacked.

#1. Lisa Vs Dottore

Both Dottore and Lisa are intelligent and erudite characters graduating from Sumeru Akademiya. In addition, these two characters often make mysterious medicines to cure people or treat enemies. Her talent can encounter the crazy doctor of Fatui military force.

Genshin Impact Dottore
Lisa can encounter Dottore.

#2. Albedo Vs Sandrone

Sandrone is another dangerous Fatui Harbinger whose talent is making and controlling giant Puppets. So, she does not have to stand in the front line of the force. No one knows the automatons and robot techniques of Khaenri'ah better than Albedo. He is also the greatest alchemist in Teyvat now.

War In Mondstadt
Albedo is a great captain to fight against Sandrone.

#3. Kaeya Vs Pierro

With the star-shaped pupils of the eyes, it's easy to realize that both Kaeya and Pierro come from Khaenri'ah. That's why Kaeya is the best captain to encounter the one of most dangerous and powerful harbingers of the Fatui force. The Cavalry Captain can take the lead role in the front line of the Knights Of Favonius to protect Mondstadt.

A lot of players even guessed that Pierro could be Kaeya's father who abandoned the little Kaeya in a strange and unknown place to continue his mission.

Pierro Can Be Kaeyas Father
Pierro can be Kaeya's father.

#4. Eula Vs Arlecchino

It's hard to guess whether Eula or Arlecchino is stronger because there's not much information about this Fatui Harbinger. But both of them are two of the most beautiful and appealing women in Teyvat.

Eula Vsarlecchino
Eula Vs Arlecchino

#5. Diluc Vs Childe

Childe is the friendliest Fatui harbinger and Diluc is one of the kindest gentlemen who always protect Mondstadt silently. But they still stand on opposite sides if the war between Fatui and Mondstadt breaks out.

Diluc Vs Childe
The war of two gentlemen.

#6. Varka Vs Capitano

Varka is the highest leader of the Knights Of Favonius and Capitano is the most dangerous and powerful Fatui harbinger on the opposite side. Both of them are still unknown but their powers are confirmed by their fellows.

  • Diluc said that Varka was much stronger than him.
  • Childe stated that Capitano never put him in his eyes.

If the Fatui attacks Mondstadt, Knights Of Favonius is reliable enough to protect this city.

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