Kuki Shinobu's hangout event is unlocked in the second half of Genshin Impact 2.7. This 4-star character also has an interesting hangout event with many activities and rewards. Check out all endings of her hangout event here.

#1. Unexpected Wages

The first ending of Shinobu's hangout quest chain is Unexpected Wages. The Traveler and Shinobu will roam around the Grand Narukami Shrine and find some Omamori materials. To lead to this ending, you need to choose the dialogue option of "Looks like you'll have to play along" in the part of "To the Shrine".

After receiving the Suspicious Shrine Maiden's suggestion, Travelers go to find three Omamori Mementos and complete The Day's Wages ending. Here are three locations of this item:

  • Two Fortune Slip Box stalls on the left and right of the shrine;
  • Talk to the NPC Maki.
First Ending
The first ending is interesting.

#2. "Time For Some Secret Dealings..."

The second ending of Kuki Shinobu's quest chain is also interesting. In the part of "To the Shrine", you select the sayings of "Never let her lead you by the nose!". Then, you need to clear Itto's Flyers by using the Hydro and Anemo skills.

You can also find three Flyers of Itto around this Shrine. Here are the locations of the item:

  • Pass the kid Riku near the top of the stairs;
  • Near Sakura bushes in the middle of the stairs;
  • Near the small shrine when you continue to go down the stairs.
Second Ending
The second ending is fun.

#3. Official Business!

In the third hangout event ending, Shinobu and Travelers need to track down Genta, Akira, and Mamoru. These NPCs are members of Arataki's Gang. Their locations will be marked on the mini-map.

  • Genka is hiding under the bridge near the spot of Bantan Sango Detective Agency;
  • You can find Akira near some crates under the ledge outsides Inazuma City;
  • Mamoru is sitting on the rooftop of Aisa Bathhouse.

After that, you select the sayings of "No, come with me, I'll make sure Shinobu goes easy on you" in the part of "All the Way North".

Third Ending
The third ending has many activities.

#4. Doom Arrives Just The Same

Like in the third ending, Travelers also track down three Arataki gang members. Next, you select the dialogue option "Fine, if she scares you that much, lemme help you hide...". Then, go to find Arataki Itto by following his footprints.

In this ending, Travelers need to fight off the "Buyer" and Kaito the Kairagi. It's pretty longer and more difficult than previous endings.

Fourth Ending
The fourth ending is longer and harder.

#5. The Arataki Gang Community Service Chronicle

The fifth and last ending of Kuki Shinobu is the shortest and easiest ending. In the part of "Ways and Means", you move slowly back away and choose any dialogue option. It always leads to this easy ending.

Fifth Ending
The fifth ending is very easy.

After unlocking all endings, Genshin Impact players can claim all rewards.

  • 60 Primogems;
  • 10 Hero's Wits;
  • 6 Guide to Elegance;
  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment;
  • 5 Omurice Waltz;
  • 500 AR EXP.

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