Riot Games has released the Regional Open Beta of its new mobile MOBA Wild Rift. And within two days after the release, the game has managed to climb the top of the popularity charts on the Google Play Store in multiple regions.

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Can Wild Rift be the next big mobile game?

Wild Rift Flies to the Top of Regional Charts

After the Closed Beta concluded, Riot Games announced the Regional Open Beta for Wild Rift to launch on 27 October. The community was over the moon about the release. The fact that it has only hit app stores in 12 regions does not stop the game from making it big!

wild rift 1st place
The game sits on top of the chart in various regions

Wild Rift has climbed its way to the top of the popularity chart in Myanmar and the Philippines. In Malaysia, it also sits in second place. We can safely say that the game is going on the right track to becoming a mainstream mobile game.

wild rift 2nd place
It stands behind Among Us in Malaysia

Unfortunately, Riot Games has announced that the launch of the Open Beta for the American and Indian regions will be delayed at the moment. According to Michael Chow, the Executive Producer of Wild Rift, the entire development team working hard to bring the game to the remaining regions.

League Of Legends Wild Rift
The game is coming to India soon

With that being said, we as the community need to embrace the fact that Wild Rift is trying its best to keep up with the initial timeline, despite the ongoing global pandemic. It's not only League of Legends: Wild Rift is struggling to keep up with the global premiere. Cyberpunk 2077 featuring Keanu Reeves has also delayed its release times and times again.

Wr Regionalalpha
Let's all eagerly wait for the Indian release

But from the look of it, both games are worthy of a long wait! Wild Rift is doing great across the 12 initial regions.