Lisa Genshin Impact PFP or Lisa's pictures for the profile are the most wanted pictures among fans of this character. Check out the top must-know facts about Lisa and some most stunning PFPs of Lisa in Genshin Impact.

I. Sources Of Lisa Genshin Impact PFP

There are many sources of Lisa Genshin PFP, including communities and forums. Though she is a free character, Lisa still has a lot of fans. Check out some main sources of Lisa's profile picture here.

#1. Hoyolab

Hoyolab is one of the biggest forums for Genshin Impact fans to share stunning pictures and interesting experiences in the game. Moreover, players can find and download many beautiful profile pictures of their favorite characters in this game.

Lisa Pfp
Get Lisa's Pfp

You can log in to this app with your Genshin Impact account to get the latest notification and follow other users, especially fan artists. You can use both the web version and the app of Hoyolab on your smartphone.

#2. Communities On Social Media

You can also get stunning profile pictures from social media communities, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You also need an account on these social networks to join those groups of fans and communities.

Lisa Is Very Beautiful
Lisa is very beautiful.

II. Facts About Lisa Genshin Impact

Lisa is one of a few free characters in Genshin Impact who appears in the early stages of the game when you explore Mondstadt. Though she is one of the top legendary characters in Genshin Impact, many players still do not know these facts about this character.

#1. She loves to nap

Lisa is a Librarian in Mondstadt, so many players think she loves reading most and spends most of her time reading books in the library. She loves to take a nap most while staying in the library is taking a nap. You often can see her napping on her desk in the library.

#2. She graduated from Sumeru academia

Players only meet her in Mondstadt's library. Besides, she is a member of the Knights of Favonius. Before the story of Travelers started and your adventure in Teyvat began, she had returned to Mondstadt from Sumeru academia - one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions in this game world.

Lisa Has Lots Of Fans
Lisa has lots of fans.

#3. She doesn't often go into the Town

Lisa does not prefer staying in the library to going to the town and socializing with people. According to her voice lines, Lisa does not have many friends. She is more likely to play the role of a mentor for Noelle and Amber.

#4. Lisa is Razor's mentor

Not only Amber and Noelle but Razor is also taught by Lisa. After Grand Master Varka - Razor's first mentor left for an expedition, Lisa took his job of teaching Razor how to master the Electro element as well as how to use Wolfhook to heal.

She Has Many Hot Versions
She has many hot versions from 2D to 3D.

#5. She knows the secrets of visions

As a talented and intelligent mage graduating from Sumeru Academia, Lisa has an honorable knowledge of visions. She even understands the vision more than Teyvat's current knowledge source. That's why she is also scared of the power of visions and the price of that power.

#6.  Lisa is a Vegetarian

Mysterious Bolognese is a special dish of Lisa that can only be unlocked after you master Flaming Red Bolognese. But she still prefers vegetable dishes to meat dishes. Her favorite dish is vegetable soup and she also often cooks by herself.

Lisa Is A Charming Mage
Lisa is a charming mage

#7. Lisa has Pumpkinphobia

It sounds fun and strange but Lisa has an extreme fear of pumpkins. She hates pumpkin so much that she also hates autumn - the season of this vegetable. She also tried to find a way to get rid of all pumpkins in the world but it seems to be useless.

#8. She loves purple rose

As an Electro character, she often loves things in purple. Her outfits are all purple. She is also crazy about purple roses. Therefore, you can easily see a purple rose on her hat and another one on her dress, near the collar.

She Love Purple Roses
She love purple roses.

#9. Lisa has excellent alchemy skills

Lisa is not only an excellent fighter and an intelligent mage, but she is also a talented alchemist. She can make special health potions. Lisa has a magical cauldron in which she can make perfect recipes rapidly.

#10. Lisa is extremely lazy

Don't think that Lisa is a studious researcher because she works for an influential force and has graduated from one of the best institutions. In fact, Lisa is the laziest person you have ever seen in Mondstadt. She has rejected many combat duties and pawned off the jobs onto other members. Diona often has to do many chores for Lisa.

Lisa Is Very Lazy
Lisa is very lazy.

Those are the best Lisa Genshin Impact PFP as well as facts about this character. This free-to-play character has lots of interesting stories that you haven't known.

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