Grand Theft Auto III is an action-adventure game released back in 2001, developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games. It is the first main entry of the Grand Theft Auto series in 3D... that lets you freely roam in an open world.

Cheat Codes For GTA 3 On Android

In this article, we would list out every Cheat Codes For GTA 3 On Android and how to use them.

1 - Overview of Grand Theft Auto III

The game's story sets within Liberty City (a fictional city loosely based on New York). You would step into the shoes of a criminal named Claude and follow his quest to get revenge on his girlfriend, who stabbed him in the back and left him for dead during a bank robbery. Throughout the story, Claude would be entangled in the world of crime in Liberty City... from crime to drugs, gang warfare and corruption.

Cheat Codes For GTA 3 On Android
Cheat Codes For GTA 3 For Android is one of the best ways to enjoy the game

Similar to other GTA games, GTA 3 is played in the third-person perspective, with you navigating the three islands of Liberty City on foot or by vehicle.

2 - Cheat Codes For GTA 3 On Android

How to enter cheat codes

As there is no keyboard built into the game, you would have to try calling the keyboard on your device by holding the MENU button. If your device does not have a default keyboard, it is impossible to activate these codes. Android devices with physical keyboards also work as well.

gta 3 cheats mobile android
List of GTA 3 cheats mobile android

Cheat Codes List

tortoise - Increase your Armor to 100%.

gesundheit - Increase your Health to 100%.

cornerslikemad - Better vehicle handling - make all cars easy to drive.

ilikedressingup - Change your current outfit.

skincancerforme - Clear weather effects.

timeflieswhenyou - Time moves faster.

ilikescotland - Make the weather cloudy.

nastylimbscheat - Increase the gore level of the game.

bangbangbang - Destroy all cars nearby.

chittycittybb - Flying vehicle.

peasoup - Make the weather foggy.

gunsgunsguns - Get all weapons - you can use this again to add ammo if running out

morepoliceplease - Increase your wanted level. You need to enter the code repeatedly to get more.

itsallgoingmaaad - Pedestrians around you would become insane and do random actions.

anicesetofwheels - Make your car invisible.

nopoliceplease - Lower your wanted level. You need to enter the code repeatedly to get more.

ifiwerearichman - More money - keep using to get as much as you need.

nobodylikesme - Pedestrians would attack you.

weaponsforall - Pedestrians would fight each other with guns. If you combine this with the above code, all pedestrians would attack you with guns.

ilovescotland - Make the weather rainy.

giveusatank - Spawn vehicles. Use repeatedly to get different vehicles.

boooooring - Speed up the game.

madweather - Increase the speed of the game clock.

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Other tricks

Get 125 max Health

To boost your health to 125, you need to get a fairly decent car (just hijack one) then drive into the Red Light District. Pull up next to a hooker then stop - if your ride is good enough, she would talk to you and get into your car. The moment shes' in, your money counter would gradually decrease. Drive her to a deserted alley and stop the car - eventually, it would begin to rock... and your heath would be increased as the vehicle shakes.

GTA 3 Cheat codes in Android
GTA 3 Cheat codes in Android can do anything you want

The max health would last until the next time you die. 125 max health is super useful - you must do this before completing hard quests.

Infinite Ammo

Once you have gotten 9999 rounds of ammunition for a weapon, infinite ammo would be unlocked. You would not have to worry about ammo ever again... but reload is still needed if your clips run out.

3 - GTA 3 Secrets

If you leave the limit of the Liberty City World map using the flying Dodo, fly straight North. After a few minutes, you would be able to see various Rockstar Games' programmers' names edited to look like town names. For example  Aaronsville (Aaron Garbut), Woodcunty (Alisdair Wood), Obbeburgh (Obbe Vermeij), Les County (Leslie Benzies), Garystown (Gary McAdam) and Adamton (Adam Fowler or Adam Cochrane).

You can't get to these towns as they do not exist in the game world - only the names can be seen on the radar.

4 - GTA 3 Mobile System Requirements

Overall, GTA 3 is a fairly low graphics game, released back in 2011... as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of the game. You can pretty much run it on any modern device.

cheat codes gta 3 android apk
Cheat codes GTA 3 Android APK is pretty easy to install
  • Additional assets downloaded after install require at least 500 MB of free space.
  • RECOMMENDED DEVICE SPECIFICATION: 1 GHz or higher CPU; Adreno 205, Tegra 2, Mali 400, SGX 540 or higher
  • Required Android O/S: 2.3+

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