There are so many aesthetic items in Garena Free Fire that players can get lost among the selections. You may be overwhelmed by character bundles, weapon skins, and more. The rarest and most beautiful ones are in the Magic Cube Store. 

Free Fire Magic Shop
Exchange A Bundle For Free!

The Magic Cube is the most sought-after item in Garena Free Fire. It allows players to redeem numerous exclusive costume bundles. Recently, Free Fire developers updated the Magic Cube store, adding new options to the store.

Let's check out the new bundles in the Magic Cube Store in Garena Free Fire and how to get them!

How to Obtain New Bundles in Free Fire’s Magic Cube store

Follow these steps below to redeem the new bundles using Magic Cube:

  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire and tap the ‘Store’ icon on the left side.
Visit The In-game Store
Visit The In-game Store
  • Step 2: In the store, click the ‘Redeem’ tab, as shown in the picture below:
Tap the Redeem icon
Choose The Redeem Tab
  • Step 3: Scroll down and choose a bundle that you want to redeem.
  • Step 4: Click the ‘Exchange’ button. A dialog box appears, asking them to confirm the purchase.
Tap the Exchange button
Choose Your Bundle
  • Step 5: Tap the ‘OK’ button to exchange. The Bundle will be send to your "Vault". Access and equip the bundle from there.

List of New Magic Cube Bundles in Free Fire

In the latest update, Garena Free Fire devs have changed the list of available bundles in the Magic Cube Store. Here are the currently available ones that you can redeem:

  • #1 Beast-Arm Clone
  • #2 Beast-Arm Mutant
  • #3 Yokai Soulseeker
  • #4 Oni Soulseeker
  • #5 The Era of Gold
  • #6 The Age of Gold
  • #7 Arcane Seeker
  • #8 Duchess Swallowtail
  • #9 L.C. Colonel
  • #10 L.C. Commander
  • #12 Inking Affection
  • #13 Mystic Seeker