Weapon skins are more than just the aesthetic items in Garena Free Fire. Over the years, they have evolved into an essential part of the game. Skins often buff the stats of the weapons, making them more fearsome to the enemies.

Generally, players can acquire the skins from the weapon loot crates in the in-game store. Apart from those, you can also obtain weapon skins as rewards in multiple exclusive events.

Netherworld M4a1 Incubator 1
The Netherworld M4a1 Incubator Event is live

Recently, Free Fire has introduced the new Netherworld Incubator event. Players can join to bring home up to 4 exclusive skins:

  • #1 M4A1 Infernal Netherworld
  • #2 M4A1 Shadow Netherworld
  • #3 M4A1 Glacier Netherworld
  • #4 M4A1 Venom Netherworld

Netherworld M4A1 Incubator in Garena Free Fire

Forged from the ashes of sinners comes four of the deadliest weapon skins. Step into the underworld and carry the Netherworld M4A1 into the world beyond. 

To get the Netherworld M4A1 skins, players have to spin in the Incubator. Acquire the Blueprint: Netherworld Guns and Evolution Stones to exchange for the skins. One spin in the Incubator costs 40 Diamonds. You can also buy 5 spins for 180 Diamonds.

Users have to accumulate a specific number of ingredients to redeem the skins. The requirements are as follows:

  • #1 M4A1 Venom Netherworld - 5 Evolution Stones + 2 Blueprint: Netherworld Guns
  • #2 M4A1 Glacier Netherworld - 6 Evolution Stones + 2 Blueprint: Netherworld Guns
  • #3 M4A1 Shadow Netherworld - 7 Evolution Stones + 2 Blueprint: Netherworld Guns
  • #4 M4A1 Infernal Netherworld - 8 Evolution Stones + 3 Blueprint: Netherworld Guns
  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire and choose the 'Luck Royale' icon on the left side of the screen
Tap on the Luck Royale option
Tap on the Luck Royale option
  • Step 2: Choose the 'Incubator' tab and the number of spins you want.
Choose the required number of spins
Choose how many spins you want
  • Step 3: Spin to acquire the required ingredients. Exchange for the Netherworld M4A1 skins in the store
Exchange Shop
Exchange Shop