The Lumitoile, a celestial creature shaped like a star, inhabits the shores and waters of Fontaine in the Genshin Impact world. This local specialty is recognized for its pliable form and adhesive properties, typically adhering to underwater metal pipes and walls.

Spotting Lumitoiles underwater can be challenging due to their diminutive size. Utilizing characters with a passive local specialty, such as Lyney, proves beneficial in marking their locations on the map. This unique ascension material holds significant importance for enhancing various characters, including Neuvillette, in the Genshin Impact universe.

Lumitotile Genshin
Finding Lumitotile in Genshin Impact by yourself can be a challenging task

In the expansive realm of Genshin Impact, approximately 79 Lumitoiles can be discovered. They are scattered around the shores and beneath the waters of the Liffey Region and the Fontaine Research Institute of the Kinetic Energy and Engineering Region. Similar to other local specialties, Lumitoiles take 48 hours to regenerate.

1. Lumitoile Locations in Genshin Impact

Here we will show you 6 Lumitoile Genshin locations. You will be able to collect most of the Lumitoile by going through all 6 farming routes. Before starting, make sure you have set the right team that is suitable for world exploration cause there will be a lot of traveling.

Lumitoile Locations In Genshin Impact Compressed
All Lumitoile Locations In Genshin Impact

1. Thalatta Submarine Canyon

Teleporting to the Liffey Region Statue of the Seven allows players to collect six Lumitoiles on the eastern shore. A well-prepared Genshin Impact team is advisable to navigate or confront adversaries near the Lumitoiles.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations In Thalatta Sub
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations - Thalatta Submarine Canyon

2. Mont Esus East

Eight Lumitoiles await discovery south of Mont Esus East, five on the shore, and three in the Source of all Waters: Great Fontaine Lake.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations In Mont Esus Ea
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations In Mont Esus Ea

Players can teleport to the Mont Esus East Waypoint, heading south for the first two Lumitoiles, northeast for the next three, and diving east to find the remaining three.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations In Mont Esus Ea
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations In Mont Esus Ea

3. Fortress Of Meropide

Above the Fortress of Meropide, 15 Lumitoiles are usually found on the side or atop metal pipes. Some may be concealed by seagrass or hidden behind underwater objects.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations In Fortress Of
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations In Fortress Of Meropide

4. Submerged Stony Path

Twelve Lumitoiles are concealed along the Submerged Stony Path. Players can teleport to the Submerged Stony Path Waypoint, diving northwest for two Lumitoiles, heading southeast for five more, and climbing northeastern planks for the remaining five.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations In Submerged St
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations In Submerged St

To reach the last two Lumitoiles, players must borrow the Xenochromatic Jellyfish’s ability, unlock a door by hitting the crystal, defeat the Genshin Impact Meka behind the door, hit the crystal from inside to open the second door, and swim to the tunnel's end.

Genshin Impact How To Open The Locked Door In Subm
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations In Submerged St

5. New Fontaine Research Institute

This is one of the best farming Lumitoile routes in Genshin Impact. There are many Lumitoiles to collect and the path is simple and easy.

Walking along the western shore of the New Fontaine Research Institute allows players to collect around 21 Lumitoiles. Additionally, diving into the water reveals two extra Lumitoiles on the side and top of a rock.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations In New Fontaine
Genshin Impact Lumitoile Farming Locations In New Fontaine

6. Central Laboratory Ruins

Fast traveling to the northeastern Central Laboratory Ruins Waypoint, players can collect five Lumitoiles along the southern beach by strolling alongside the shore.

2. Tips for collecting Lumitoile faster in Genshin Impact

Since collecting Lumitoile is going to take a lot of traveling, it is best for you to bring a character with great mobility such as Wanderer, Kayuha, or Yelan,... They will help you travel faster and overcome tricky terrain easily.

Wanderers Hovering Skill
Wanderers Hovering Skill can help you travel through rough terrain easily.

Nahida is also an amazing character for collecting Lumitoile. While she doesn't help you travel faster, her Elemental Skill allows you to collect Lumitoile from far away. In many cases, it will save you from having to fly and climb a long distance just to get one Lumitoile.

Nahida And Yae Miko Elemental Skill
Nahidacan uses her Elemental Skill to collect materials from far away.

Also, make sure to include a high-level character so you can deal with random enemies on the way.

Just like other materials in Genshin Impact, the Lumitoiles will respawn after 48 hours after you have collected them. So if you haven't had enough Lumitoile yet, you will have to wait.

Another option is joining other players' worlds and collecting the Lumitoiles there. If you have friends, you and ask them to invite you to their world. Otherwise, just ask to enter the world of random players and ask them nicely to collect their Lumitoile.

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