Genshin Impact players often choose their best and most favorite characters for the main DPS position. Here are the most and least main Genshin Impact characters voted by players on Reddit.

#1. Top Most 5-star Main

Genshin Impact has introduced 53 playable characters. No matter whether they are old or now, strong or weak, each character has a number of fans. Reddit is a popular platform for Genshin Impact players to discuss and contact. They also gather in small groups that are called subreddit.

Top Main Characters
Top main characters ranked by Reddit users.

Recently, players have ranked the most favorite characters in this game based on the number of subreddit members using characters' names. The most chosen characters may surprise you.

  • Hu Tao is the most liked character with around 76.5k fans;
  • Raiden Shogun occupies the second position with 75.3k fans;
  • The third position is a big surprise when Keqing with 62.1k fans surpasses many strong archons like Venti and Zhongli;
  • Kamisato Ayaka is the next most liked character with 45.3k fans.
  • Ganyu has 44.9k fans and gets the fifth rank.

Especially, all ten most liked characters are 5-star main DPS. From the sixth to the tenth position, there are Eula, Xiao, Kazuha, Childe, and Yae Miko.

Hu Tao Genshin Impact
Hu Tao is the most favorite character.

#2. Top Most 4-star Main

Although there is no 4-star character in the top 10, some 4-star characters still get high ranks in the list. Here are the most like 4-star characters with the highest quantity of fans.

  • Yanfei is still in the top 20 with 18.8k fans;
  • Following Yanfei, Beidou also occupies a position in the top 20 with 18.6k fans;
  • Ningguang is in the 21st position with 15.7k fans.

Ningguang is still in a high position in the total of 35 playable characters. She also surpasses many 5-star characters, such as Jean, Klee, Qiqi, Mona, and even Venti. It's a big surprise when the Anemo archon cannot get a position in the top 20.

Yanfei Genshin Impact
Yanfei has the most fans among 4-star characters.

#3. Top Least Main

Contrary to the top main characters, some Genshin Impact characters are almost forgotten. These characters are less used in the main DPS role or even in the daily team of most players. Here are the least selected characters by Reddit users.

  • Aloy is a 5-star character but she is the most underrated character in this game up to now. Only 2.0k members choose her as the main.
  • Diona is one of the most adorable loli characters in Genshin Impact but she is less liked than other characters because she is the least powerful Cryo character.
  • Barbara is a great healer but other Hydro characters, especially the new 5-star Hydro healer Kokomi can replace her.
  • Lisa is a free character in Genshin Impact, so many beginners and F2P players like her. But when they get other Electro supporters like Fischl and Sara, Lisa is less preferred.
  • Lumine is one of the two main Travelers but only around 4.1k Reddit members chose her to be the main.
Genshin Impact Aloy
Aloy is the least favorite character now.

The rank of these characters can be changed when new Sumeru characters arrive.

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