We first reported on Mineblast – a new offering from developer Neutronized – back in December 2019, and now, according to a recent tweet from the studio, the game will be launching for both Android and iOS this Thursday, January the 16th. The developer, best known for the excellent platformer Super Cat Tales and more recently Yokai Dungeon, is opting to make a more destruction-focused title this time. Check out Mineblast’s trailer below:

Unlike Yokai Dungeon, Mineblast will return to the platformer roots that Neutronized is known for.  The new thing here, though, is that you’ll now actually be able to have an impact on the surrounding environments. Taking place in a mine, the game gives you dynamite with which you’ll try to find ways to navigate through any obstacles.

As the trailer demonstrates, this can include anything from destroying the foundations of a structure so that the top part falls over to create a bridge a gap you can’t jump across to blowing a hole in the floor to give yourself some room to avoid traps.

Mineblast Ios Android Featured 1
With the dynamite you are given, find ways to overcome obstacles

In a later part of the video, you see our feline protagonist destroy parts of a rock platform and then use it as a pseudo shield to protect himself from a pack of bats trying to gnaw at him from above. We can expect that there’ll be more clever solutions like this to discover as you progress through the game.

At present, Mineblast offers more than 80 levels for you to enjoy as well as a sizable collection of characters coming from Super Cat Tales to play as. So it seems there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained for several hours.

Mineblast Enemies 50ea_wm
Plenty of content to enjoy


Mineblast is set to hit Google Play and the App Store this Thursday, January 16th. It’ll be a free-to-play game with ads, which can be removed via a one-time IAP.