We first reported on developer Nimble Neuron's RTS title MINImax Tinyverse back in June 2019 when it launched for iPad. Now, it won’t be long before iOS phone owners and even Android users can enjoy this acclaimed cartoon-themed game on their devices, as it is available for pre-registration right now on both Google Play and the App Store.

This full mobile release promises to deliver tons of new content that will improve the original experience in several neat ways. You can expect additional characters, more missions, extra achievements, more accessories and skins for champions, and even three brand new maps.

In case you missed our previous coverage on this one, MINImax Tinyverse is set inside a mysterious antique shop, which secretly contains a whole universe full of tiny cartoon characters. For centuries, the realm has been divided into 2 major factions who are constantly battling for domination, and now you’ll side with one of them to determine the courses of this endless struggle.

The setting is a mysterious antique shop

You'll choose your favorite Champion from a sizable collection of available options and lead them to glory by tactically ordering your units around the map. Additionally, you’ll also have access to a series of abilities with which you can directly manipulate the map and turn the tide of battle to your favor. For instance, you can put up walls to block the enemies’ advance or just simply destroy them with elemental spells.

Matches are fast-paced and intense, but strategic thinking will be essential if you want to outwit your rival and come out on top.

Minimax 2
Strategic thinking will be essential

If you find the cutesy aesthetic and RTS gameplay of MINImax Tinyverse appealing, don’t hesitate to head over to Google Play or the App Store to pre-register for it right now. Needless to say, doing so will net you some cool in-game rewards when the game actually launches, such as gold, Champion Accessories, and Champion cards.