Mk14 and M249 are two rare weapons that are only available in PUBG Mobile airdrop. Both of them are very powerful. But which one is better? Just compare and choose the better one.

Mk14 Vs M249: Power

Both of these airdrop weapons have great power. M249 uses 5.56mm ammo while Mk14 uses 7.62mm ammo. Therefore, Mk14 has higher hit damage than M249. In specific, the base damage of Mk14 is 61 while M249's base damage is a bit lower which is only 45.

Mk14 Pubg Mobile
Mk14 uses 7.62mm ammo.

However, M249 has a lower rate of fire. Therefore, it can shoot more bullets per second than Mk14. In specific, M249's rate of fire is 0.075  while Mk14's firing rate is 0.09. Thus, their damage per second is not very different. Besides, the Light Machine Gun M249 has the highest bullet speed in PUBG Mobile.

M249 Pubg Mobile
M249 has a lower rate of fire.

Mk14 Vs M249: Ammo Capacity & Reload Duration

M249 has the largest ammo clip in this game. It can hold 100 bullets per mag. Meanwhile, Mk14 is one of some weapons with the smallest ammo capacity. It can hold 10 to 20 bullets per load without or with an extended mag.

M249 Pubg
M249 has the largest ammo clip in this game.

As a result, the reload duration of M249 is also longer. It takes you about 8.2s to reload a totally empty magazine of M249. However, Mk14 only takes you 3.68s to reload the whole bullet clip. The reload duration of Mk14 can be reduced when you attached a quick-draw mag to this gun.

Mk14 Attachments
Mk14 Has More Attachment Slots.

Mk14 Vs M249: Fire Mode & Attachments

M249 only has a full-auto mode to spray bullets in close-range combat. Meanwhile, Mk14 has full-auto and single-tap fire modes. Therefore, you can use this DMR to deal with all ranges of combat. For example, PUBG Mobile players can switch to the single-tap fire mode to shoot targets in long-range engagements.

M249 Does Not Accept 8x Scope
M249 Does Not Accept An 8x Scope

In addition, PUBG Mobile Mk14 has more attachment slots, including the muzzle, scope, and mag. Moreover, M249 does not accept an 8x scope but Mk14 does.