There are actually quite a lot of MMORPGs on mobile. At first glance, the idea doesn't seem to make sense. How can something that has always been associated with long hours of playing at a desktop work well on mobile? However, it actually is not too bad if you really think about it. Our pocket devices are getting stronger and stronger every day, and they are always connected to one another. Now, the mobile MMORPG collection has just welcomed a new addition: 'World of Legends’, now soft launched on iOs and Android.

World Legends Android

Mobile-Centric MMORPG ‘World of Legends’ Soft launched on iOS And Android

These kinds of games come primarily in 3 forms: Those that try to bring a desktop MMORPG experience to the touchscreen such as 'Villagers and Heroes' or 'Old School Runescape', full-fledged games in which you can either play everything yourself or let the game help you - namely Lineage 2, and free-to-play MMORPG titles with the same function as a social RPG, which is probably the most prominent. World of Legends from Might Bear Games belongs to this last category. Take a look at its gameplay below:

An advantage of World of Legends is that it was designed with mobile in mind right from the get-go. One of its features is a tap-to-move control system, therefore, it is extremely easy for you to just wipe it out and play while you have a bit of free time. This allows you to update your character with new weapons and loot.  There is also a big roster of helper characters to support you in battle. The combat is reminiscent of Battleheart games because players can concentrate on specific enemies and use several special abilities.

World of Legends has soft-launched in several regions including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. If you live in any of these regions and want to check out this game, visit the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.