Storm Arena the mobile MOBA has been going through the development phase for quite some time. And now, it is time for players around the world to contribute even more towards its development. Recently, Storm Arena has launched the beta test on a global scale. The beta allows players to play the new 3v3 mode and find out how it stands out from the others on the market. So now, let’s hop in and further explore the game.

Storm Arena 2 696x392
GO SPLASH, Mariners!

Storm Arena' features

Storm Arena features some of the most advanced characteristics which are perfect for a mobile game.

  • Three-minute Battles: Make it quick in fast-paced three-minute battles!

Storm Arena Beta Test Available On Both Ios And An
Rush into 3-mins battles.

  • Customization: customize your heroes with weapons and accessories to your taste
  • Heroes: Deploy 12 different adorable Mariners with extraordinary skills

Storm Arena 1 690x388
Deploy adorable mariners!

  • No Auto-Aim: Dodge attacks and counter with pure skill!
  • Team Strategy: Team up with two other players in a 3v3 team with a tanker, a support, and a DPS hero

Storm Arena Moddroid 2
Team up in squad combat!

  • Titanic Ultimate: Save your ultimate attacks until needed to completely smash your enemies
  • Various Game Modes: Bounty Hunter, Goal Attack, Turf War, and Pieces of Eight.

After the PvE tutorial, you can choose your favorite among the four innovative game modes and brawl against your foes. The diversity of modes fits both casual players and veterans. For example, in Pieces of Eight, eight players will compete for the ultimate glory to be the last man standing. Wait no more, it’s time to show off your skill and strategy to outwit your enemies!

Keep yourself updated

The beta test phase of Storm Arena is now live for both Android and iOS. Additionally, you can learn more about Storm Arena in the official website here. Download the beta here.

To see the actual gameplay of Storm Arena, here is the gameplay trailer: