Now, before you get too excited about the name “The Black Widow”, let’s get this out of the way right away: It has absolutely nothing to do with Marvel or our beloved agent Natasha Romanoff – may her soul rest in peace. Instead, this is an upcoming interactive murder mystery game based on the story of a real-life convicted murderer named Louisa Collins.

A mystery game based on a true story

Louisa and her husband Charles Andrews lived in poverty back in the late 19th centuring, having to raise 7 children. As a result, they took in lodgers to their home in order to get by. Among those lodgers was Michael Collins, one of Charles’ co-workers, and during Michael’s stay he ended up having an affair with Louisa. Charles then discovered this, and so Michael was kicked out.

Just a few months after the incident, however, Charles died under mysterious circumstances, and his wife remarried Michael Collins. Things do not end there, as Michael also began to get sick and ultimately died, suffering from almost exactly the same symptoms as Charles. Louisa was then put to trial four separate times to answer for these crimes, with the first three not being able to come to a verdict and the final one finally convicting her and sentencing her to death.

The Black Widow Trailer

The case of Louisa is an incredibly controversial one. Some think she was indeed the murderer, while others believe she was falsely accused. Now, in The Black Widow, you must contact Louisa Collins in the afterlife via an Ouija board and judge for yourself if she was the culprit behind those deaths.

Is she really the culprit? Judge for yourself

Black Widow the game included actual court records and other documents from back then, as well as many other historical sources to present an unbiased view of the case. This allows you to make your own conclusion. If you are a fan of murders and mysteries, The Black Widow is a game you might want to check out. It is hitting Android and iOS next week on August 1, so you’ll be able to grab it then for just $1.99 (Rs 140).