Night Call is a mysterious noire game that takes place in the gloomy Paris. Players will find themselves as a taxi driver who is trying to earn his living. With your communication skills with the customers, you will help the police solve crimes. Especially in this case, you will have to do your best, because you are the number one suspect of a series of murders.

Night Call 1
Become a taxi driver who solves crimes on the gloomy streets of Paris.

The key to solving this mysterious crime lies within your customers. You need to talk to them, learn the clues from their words, and piece them together. Be quick about it before the police give up on finding the real serial killer.

Night Call 2
Get clues from your clients.

Night Call offers a wide pool of passengers for you to get information from. There are more than 70 different customers, each of them has their own "gripping stories and detailed backgrounds." Remember, the criminal will be a different person each game, which means the murderer in one game could be totally clean in the next game.

According to the publisher Raw Fury, Night Call "explores gritty, mature themes as a dark reflection of real life in the City of Lights." The noir style provides players a unique experience in the night of Paris. In addition, the black and white theme on the Night Call's trailer at last year E3 has made this title so much more appealing.

Night Call 3
The police believe that you are the serial killer.

With a promising system of characters, gameplay and dark-themed environments, Night Call is expecting to receive positive reviews when it hits Steam next month. And don't confuse this game with Neo Cab, another investigating title coming later this year.

Right now, you can visit the Steam page of Night Call and add this game to your wish list. Mark your calendar on July 17, Night Call deserves an instant treat when it comes out. You can also take a look at the official site for more information.