Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Mode is an exciting game mode that lets you compete and rank up. Heroic and Grandmaster are the two highest ranks in this mode that many players want to reach. Here are the best tips and tricks you mush know to reach Heroic and Grandmaster quickly in this game mode.

Have A Permanent Team

The first tip to rank up fast and reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Clash Squad is having a permanent squad. You can team up with your friends to support each other during the matches and win. If you play with random players, teamwork and coordination will be not as good as playing with permanent teammates.

Clash Sqaud Tip 1
Play in a permanent squad

Use Headphones And Mic

Next, you should use a good headphone to listen to the sound of footsteps and the sound of fire. It lets you know when the enemies approach you and the location of enemies if they are near you. Moreover, you are recommended to use the mic to communicate with your teammates. Communication is very important in Clash Squad because you can inform your teammates of the position of enemies. Besides, you can coordinate and support others in need.

Use Headphones
Always use headphones when playing Clash Squad

Stick To Your Team

Another pro tip to rank up fast in this Free Fire game mode is sticking to your squad. You should go with your teammates to cover each other. If you go alone, you will become an easy target for the enemy squad.

Go With Teammates
Go With Teammates

Grab A G18 In The First Round

As normal, all players will get $500 at the beginning of the match to buy a gun. Therefore, you can only grab a G18 or an M500. The tip is choosing the G18. This automatic pistol very easy to use and powerful. So, you can win the first round easier with the G18.

Use G18
Use G18 to win the first round

Choose Shotgun

The last tip to reach Heroic and Grandmaster in Free Fire Clash Squad quickly is using shotguns. In this game mode, you engage in close combat most of the time. It would be better to use shotguns and win all close quarter combat. Let's spend your money on an M1014 or an M1887. Then, buy a decent AR with the rest of your money, such as AUG or XM18.