Mysterious Shop is one of the most successful events in Free Fire and every player in the game is eager to know when it will come. There has been a total of 9 Mysterious Shop events so far in Free Fire and the 10th one is coming this month.

In the Mysterious Shop, you will find many offers with a great amount of discount up to 90%, making it the best occasion for any Free Fire to buy new skins and outfits for their character. When you open the Mysterious Shop, you will spin a wheel to determine how much discount you will get for all the offers in the shop.

Moreover, there will be exclusive male and female skins in Mysterious Shop that you can't buy anywhere else, and they are discounted as well.

However, the release date of the Mysterious Shop is not fixed every time and it only lasts for 7 days. After 7 days, you won't be able to get those offers anymore.

Mysterious Shop 10.0 expected date

There has been no official date for the Mysterious Shop 10.0 yet, but many sources and rumors have pointed out that it will be coming on July 24.

Mysterious Shop 10.0 Items

Below are the top 3 hottest sets that are going to be in the upcoming Mysterious Shop 10.0, however, Garena might just surprise us with even more skins when the Mysterious Shop 10.0 actually arrives.

Soulless package

There are 2 sets in this special package the male skin Avenger Desalmado and the female skin Avenger Desalmada. These will be the exclusive sets of the Mysterious Shop 10.0.

Pacote Desalmados Free Fire
The male skin Avenger Desalmado
New Places In Map Mystery Shop 10 0 Magic Cube Sto
The female skin Avenger Desalmada

Free Fire New Upcoming Mystery Shop 10 0 In July 2

Zapudo Package

Zapudo Free Fire

Rolezeiro Package

Pacote Rolezeiro Free Fire

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