Nahida is the most recent archon to be introduced into Genshin Impact and she is already deemed as one of the strongest characters already.

Instead of 5-star weapons, players who want to build the Dendro Archon can use some underutilized ones to make her viable. In fact, with proper ascension, they can perform very well with Nahida. Her focus on Elemental Mastery lets you choose from many options.

Thanks to this feature, you can consider these as Nahida weapons.

1. Nahida 3-star weapons

You can build Nahida in various ways and choosing the right Catalyst will make a big difference. For 3-star weapons, you can get them without much effort. Among these, consider which works best for you and make a choice.

Two main 3-star weapons for Nahida are Magic Guide and Thrilling Tale of Dragon Slayers.

Magic Guide

Get this catalyst from Genshin Impact’s gacha system. You may even get several of its copies in one turn of pulling.

Nahida Magic Guide
Magic Guide is one of the best weapons for Nahida.

Its substat focuses on Elemental Mastery and it has a special passive that can increase DMG against enemies affected by Electro or Hydro. Players can easily make this a good option for Nahida especially if they want to make her a DPS.

Thrilling Tale of Dragon Slayers

The second 3-star weapon for Nahida is the Thrilling Tale of Dragon Slayers although it is more about an off-field support-accenting Nahida.

Thrilling Tale Of Dragon Slayers Nahida
You may also utilize Thrilling Tale of Dragon Slayers for the Dendro Archon.

In this case, she will be able to buff a stronger unit, preferably using Electro characters such as Cyno, Keqing, or Raiden Shogun.

Make sure to switch their rotations up to account for the catalyst’s cooldown time.

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2. Nahida 4-star weapons

Compared to 3-star options, these 4-stars are harder to get. Overall, you should focus on damage and supportive builds.

If players want to focus on DMG for Nahida, the best weapons shall be the Mappa Mare or the Widsith. They will significantly buff her Elemental damage while offering her extra Elemental Mastery which can make her a strong DPS source.

Nahida Weapons
Each focus for your Nahida will require a different type of Catalyst.

For supportive role, weapons like Wandering Evenstar, Sacrificial Fragments, and the Favonius Codex are all good choices. The best one must be the Favonius Codex, especially with high refinement. It would offer your Nahida team comp a lot of Energy.

The Favonius Codex Nahida
Amongst all 4-stars, the Favonius Codex is the top-tier Nahida weapons players can get and equip her with.

On another hand, the Sacrificial Fragments would allow Nahida to produce more Dendro energy. And the Wandering Evenstar can buff the whole team’s ATK with its unique passive.

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