After awakening Fungi in the Fungus Potential sub-event, you bring them to the Special Fungus Training battlefield to combat. Here are some pro tips for coordinated assault in the Genshin Impact Fungi training event.

#1. Through the Battlefield

Genshin fungus trainers have to use four initial fungi they have caught on the first day of the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event. The first challenge has three rounds with different enemies. Then, you need different tips and strategies to counter and win.

Enemies Tips
Round 1: Geo Slime, Hilichurl, and Geo-shield Hilichurl

Counter the shielded enemy first and try to remove the Geo shield of enemies with the skills of your Geo shroom.

Round 2: Hydro Samachurl, Rockwall Mitachurl, and Hilichurl Fighter
  • Use your Geo shroom to counter and break the shield of the Mitachurl first and target the Samachurl at the same time.
  • Freeze nearby opponents with your Cryo shroom when they have got wet from the Hydro effect.
Round 3: Stonehide Lawachurl, Hydro Samachurl, Hilichurl Fighter
  • When the Stonehide Lawachurl is infused with the Geo element, use the unique skill of your Geo Fungi to remove the enemy’s shield.
  • Make use of Samachurl’s Hydro attacks to freeze enemies and trigger electro-charged reactions with your Cryo and Electro Fungi.
Through The Battlefield
Through the Battlefield

#2. Elemental Stratagems

In the second trial, players have more Fungi options for combat when Dendro and Pyro fungi are added to the list. Floating Dendro and Hydro fungi will attack from the air while Stretchy Pyro and Electro fungi take over the ground.

Check out some tips and tricks to clear enemies faster in each round.

Enemies Tips
Round 1: Cryo and Hydro slimes, Large Cryo Slime
  • Focus on the large Cyro slime and attempt to remove its shield with Pyro, Electro, and Dendro elemental attacks and reactions.
  • Don’t forget to use Hydro fungi to heal your team on time when your HP gets low.
Round 2: Hydro slime and Abyss Mage, Hilichurl Fighter
  • Your Dendro fungus can remove the shield of Abyss Mage with the support of Electro and Pyro fungi.
  • Keep targeting the mage to remove it before this enemy regenerates its shield.
Round 3: Frostarm Lawachurl Two stretchy fungi take over the battlefield now. Switch between them to trigger Overload reactions and use the Dendro fungus during the cooldown time.
Elemental Stratagems
Elemental Stratagems

#3. Rapid Chase

In the third combat challenge, the difficulty and quantity of enemies in each round increase. Therefore, you need to combine the special skills of Dendro, Anemo, Hydro, and Whirling Pyro Fungi properly.

The Anemo Fungus helps control the enemy crowd and group them for the Whirling Pyro Fungus to assault. Dendro and Hydro Fungi will support these two main DPS.

Enemies Tips
Round 1: Small and large Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo slimes Group all slimes together with Anemo skill and switch to Dendro and Pyro Fungi to attack these enemies with both elemental skills and reactions.
Round 2: Electro and Dendro Spectors
  • Group and deal Anemo DMG to enemies before assaulting them with Pyro Fungus.
  • Heal your team on time with Hydro Fungus’ skills.
Round 3: Cryo Hilichurl Shooter and Grenadier, Cryo Slime, and Icewall Mitachurl
  • Trigger Burning reaction with Dendro and Pyro Fungi.
  • Switch to Anemo Fungus to group enemies and spread out the burning effect
Rapid Chase Against Slimes
Rapid Chase against slimes

#4. Rapid Chase

Check the enemy list before selecting fungi for each round. Enemies appear randomly, so it’s hard to draw a strategy from this trial. But there are some tips that you can use to counter certain enemies.

  • Bring Pyro Fungi when you face Cryo Slime or
  • Select Cryo/Geo/Anemo/Dendro Fungi to counter Electro Slimes and Pyro Whopperflowers.
  • Combine stretchy, floating, and whirling fungi in your team.
  • Trigger Burning, Swirl, Quicken, and Overload reactions to defeat Geovishap.

These tips and strategies may help you play better in the Assault challenges of the Special Fungus Training event. You will earn a lot of Primogems for winning these combat challenges.

Counter Geovishap
Counter the Geovishap

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