After big updates and important character releases of Genshin Impact, the character rank also change a bit. Moreover, the arrival of a new element - Dendro - also brings big changes to the meta of the game. Let's see the latest Genshin Impact character tier list after update 3.2 here.

#1. Tier SS+

The SS+ is the highest tier which is the rank for the strongest characters in the game. They often play the DPS role and occupy unreplaceable positions in your team. There are twelve characters in this tier after the meta change, including both old and new characters.

Roles SS+ Characters
Main DPS Ayaka C0, Hu Tao C1, Raiden Shogun C2
Utility Bennett C1, Kazuha C0, Kokomi C0, Nahida C0, Zhongli C0
Sub-DPS Xiangling C4, Xingqiu C4, Yelan C0

There are many 4-star PDScharacters and free characters for F2P players to use and build a strong team. The release of the Dendro element makes Hydro characters in Genshin Impact more useful and preferred thanks to the insane elemental reactions and reaction chains it can trigger.

Nahida Main Dps

Moreover, SS+ characters the not only the strongest units but also the most flexible, supportive, and easier to use. Therefore, it's more simple to build a strong team if you have these units.

#2. Rank S+

Characters in tier S+ are also worth your Primogems and materials. If you fail to roll and unlock the best constellation level of Genshin Impact characters in the SS+ group, you should use the following characters in your team.

Roles Characters in tier S+
Main DPS Ayato C0, Childe C0, Ganyu C0, Itto C0, Tighnari Co, Yoimiya C0
Utility Diona C6, Gorou C6, Kuki Shinobu C0, Mona C0, Nilou C0, Kujou Sara C6, Shenhe C0, Yun Jin C2
Sub-DPS Albedo C0, Fischl C6, Yae Miko C0

These characters are strong and flexible though some of them are rarer and harder to build or use, such as Albedo, Shenhe, Ayato, etc.

Ayato Genshin

#3. Tier S

Under tier S+, characters in tier S are less used now. It's because they are less flexible and suitable with the current meta of the game.

Roles Tier-S Characters
Main DPS Eula C0, Keqing C0, Xiao C0, Cyno C0
Utility Candace C0, Collei C4, Dori C0, Jean C0, Ganyu C1, Sucrose C6, Dendro Traveler C6
Sub-DPS Beidou C2, Venti C0

Most Anemo characters are ranked S because they are still useful in the supporting role. Their elemental attacks help break the elemental shield and reduce the elemental RES of enemies.

Dori Genshin Impact

#4. Rank A To C

Other characters are ranked from tier A to C. Many of them are less used in the current meta because they become less useful and flexible.

Tier A Barbara, Chongyun, Diluc, Heizou, Klee, Lisa, Noelle, Qiqi, Rosaria, Thoma, Yanfei
Tier B Kayea, Ningguang, Razor, Xinyan, Electro Traveler
Tier C Aloy, Amber, Geo, and Anemo Travelers

Based on the rank of Genshin Impact characters, you should make proper decisions on which character banners are worth your Primogems.

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