Tri-Lakshana creatures are amazing things in Sumeru. The eight existing creatures have different features and uses, but all make your adventure in this nation more interesting. Check out where and how to use them.

How To Use Tri-Lakshana Creatures

One of the most mind-blowing updates in Sumeru is the introduction of Tri-Lakshana creatures. It makes this nation more unique, lively, and interesting when you can interact with more living things, including plants.

Adventurers also use these creatures to move faster, solve puzzles, and obtain treasures. Tri-Lakshana creatures have three states when reacting with different elements.

  • Normal: You often find Tri-Lakshana creatures in their normal state in nature.
  • Scorched: Most creatures get scorched when reacting with Pyro. Sometimes, you have to revive scorched creatures by using Dendro or Electro elements.
  • Activated: You can make these creatures activated when applying the Electro element.
Tri Lakshana Creature
Learn about Tri-Lakshana creatures.

Specific Tri-Lakshana Creatures

There are eight Tri-Lakshana creatures in Sumeru that players can interact with up to Update 3.2. They have different uses and natural habitats.

#1. Bouncy Mushroom

The bouncy mushroom is a beneficial creature that helps players bounce up to reach high places. It also has three states:

  • Normal state: You can find a bouncy mushroom in the normal state and use it to jump high.
  • Scorched mushroom: When it reacts it Pyro element, it gets scorched and becomes useless as it cannot launch your character anymore. When you apply Electro to a scorched mushroom, it turns to the normal state.
  • Activated state: When you apply Electro to a normal mushroom, it gets activated. The activated mushroom launches your character up higher than the normal one. Then, you can reach a higher mountain cliff or floating Dendroculi that you can’t reach when using normal mushrooms.
Bouncy Mushroom
Bouncy Mushrooms

#2. Dream Flowers

Travelers can find Dream Flowers in their normal state during the Phantasmal Gate quests. You can use the new gadget Vintage Lyre – a musical instrument in Sumeru to activate this Tri-Lakshana creature.

  • After being activated, it helps Travelers remove the Aggravation of enemies so that they are not alerted of your presence.
  • Activated flowers show you how many Phantasmal Seeds remain to help you complete the quest faster.
  • This flower also gets Scroched when reacting with Pyro and becomes useless. When you apply Dendro to it, this flower returns to its normal state and functions again.
Dream Flowers
Dream Flowers

#3. Poisonous Mushroom

Poisonous mushrooms in nature are in purple color. You often find them in underground caves and near puzzles and sealed treasure chests.

  • The activated mushrooms trigger the Dendro element to solve nearby puzzles and unlock chests. But in these states, it deals True Dendro DMG or Dendro DMG over Time to both your characters and enemies.
  • If you don’t want the get attacks, use Pyro element to turn it to the Scorched state.
Poisonous Mushroom
Poisonous Mushroom

#4. Seed Mirrors

You can find Seed Mirrors at some high places, such as the building’s rooftop. It can locate Withering Zones nearby. It works differently in different states.

  • In the Scorched state, it’s useless.
  • In the Normal state, this device helps you locate nascent Withering Zones.
  • The Activated state mirror notifies Travelers about nearby hidden Aranara. You can use this mirror to track his trail and spot him before he leaves.
Seed Mirrors
Seed Mirrors

#5. Starshrooms

One of the most familiar Tri-Lakshana creatures in Genshin Impact is the Starshroom. It can be consumed as an HP recovery food.

  • Normal Starshroom heals 300 HP.
  • Scorched mushroom heals only 1 HP.
  • Activated mushroom heals 800 HP.

Therefore, you should use Dendro to revive the scorched mushroom and Electro to activate it before picking it.

Genshin Starshroom

#6. Tri-Yana Seeds

You can find many floating Tri-Yana Seeds in their normal state when exploring Sumeru. It often appears near puzzles and hidden objects.

  • Normal seeds spin around their designated part.
  • Scorched seeds stop moving.
  • Activated seeds show hidden objects around, such as hidden torches and platforms.
Tri Yana Seeds
Tri-Yana Seeds

#7. Dendro Piles

Travelers also find scorched Dendro Piles when exploring Sumeru. It’s a large stone covered by some tree brands lying on the ground. It often hides an enemy or a Dendroculus inside. You can use Dendro and Electro elements to turn them into normal and activated states to unveil the hidden objects or climb higher.

Dendro Pile
Dendro Pile

#8. Fungi

Fungi are normal enemies in Sumeru but their attacks sometimes are deadly to your characters. Knowing their states help you defeat them faster and more easily.

  • In the normal state, they attack normally.
  • Scorched fungi move more slowly but deal higher DMG to your characters.
  • Activated fungi will attack your characters faster.

Therefore, you should avoid using Pyro and Electro elemental attacks when countering fungi in Sumeru or you may accidentally make these enemies more dangerous.

Fungi Genshin
Adorable Fungi

Those eight popular Tri-Lakshana creatures in Sumeru are very important in your adventure around this nation. Make sure you understand how to use and interact with them properly.

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