Overall, Naraka: Bladepoint is one of the most innovative battle royale games 2021 to date. Unlike the usual PUBG/Fortnite, it is focused on Martial Art melee combat. 60 players will clash in a vertically designed map called Morus island. Naraka: Bladepoint global version is going to come out on August 12 on Steam.

In this Naraka: Bladepoint Beginner Guide, we are going to list out everything a new player should know before playing.

1 - Play the Tutorial

There are a lot of mechanics in Naraka: Bladepoint, and it is vital that you complete the tutorial once installing the game to know the fundamentals. It is a safe place for you to learn the basics, from movements to types of weapons and what items do. Don't hesitate to replay the tutorials again if you need more clarification.

Naraka Bladepoint Interview
Ambush an enemy in Naraka: Bladepoint

2 - Item Management

This is the part that most Naraka: Bladepoint players would have problems with. The game automatically picks up items of better rarities but ignores items of the same rarities. To pick up the exact item you want, just press the tab button - it displays two lists of items on the floor and your stash. Drop the unwanted item and drag its replacement to your now empty slot.

  • Dark Tide coins are used to buy items in shops across the map. The number of coins you have is displayed below consumable item slots.
  • Consumable items are the usual potions - they heal health and armor. Each item has multiple rarities that last longer or are more effective.
  • Souljades are buffs that are always active. You can have up to a maximum of six equipped at any time.
  • Weapon slots are below the coins. You can get up to 4 extra weapons besides the two main ones.

Overall, use 2 slots for armor/health healing and weapon fixing. Fill the rest with grappling hooks or other consumables.

3 - Weapons and Combos

In Naraka: Bladepoint, don't spam the attack button. Learn each weapon's basic combo and parry your opponent's focus attacks. Parries only work on focus attacks so be careful. Crouching and dashing can be used to cancel your combo or focus attacks.

4 - Armor

With enough skill, even a common tier weapon can outclass a player with a legendary tier, despite the disadvantage. However, that's not the case for armor. Try to prioritize high-tier armor for the most effective HP possible.

5 - Using consumables

Look for consumables like fruit or flowers in the wild to heal yourself instead of wasting valuable items in chests. Below are all the items you can find:

  • Salak – slowly recover armor at set intervals over 60 seconds
  • Prickly Pear – slowly recover health at set intervals over 60 seconds
  • Fireflies – slowly gain Rage to charge up your ultimate for 60 seconds
  • Dandelion – silence your footsteps for 60 seconds

6 - Ambush your opponents

You can get the jump on unsuspecting players by hiding on any high ground or crouch inside bushes. Wait for opponents to run past then sneak up and strike them down.

Naraka Bladepoint
Use the high ground to your advantage.

7 - Chain your attacks to "tech chase"

You can use the movement caused by your skill to chase rolling opponents. For example, when an enemy is trying to dodge your attack with a roll, use the long sword's focus attack to fire a wave. If timed correctly, the wave would hit them as soon as the rolling animation finishes.

8 - Use the grappling hook to find enemies

It might be hard to spot other players sometimes. In this case, you can use your grappling hook to highlight enemies, as the targeting reticule automatically turns red when you hover over them. The effect happens even if you don't fire the hook.

If you manage to hit an enemy with a hook, they would be stunned temporarily and open for follow-up attacks.

Parrying Enemies attack
Parrying Enemies attack in Naraka: Bladepoint

9 - Heal canceling

Healing is canceled if you take damage. To counter this, you can crouch repeatedly while moving to dodge enemies attacks while healing. If an enemy is retreating while doing this trick, aim at their lower body instead.

10 - Movement techniques

You can chain a slide and a jump to move around faster. While sprinting, press the crouch button to slide and at the end of the slide, press the jump button. Another trick is to use a focus attack while sprinting - you can close the distance and deliver a powerful attack at the same time. This is really useful on weapons with a short charge time for focus attacks.

11 - Best characters in Naraka: Bladepoint

Currently, there are 7 characters for you to pick in Naraka: Bladepoint. However, some are easier to use than others.


Currently, Matari is probably the best character in the game, especially in solo mode. The reason behind her strength is the ultimate ability Unseen Wings, which allows her to turn invisible for a time while gaining damage and avoid grapples. Getting the drop on enemies is important in this game, and her ultimate ensures that.

Matari's secondary special ability is another slippery skill - a teleport. It is night impossible to catch her if the player is experienced.

Matari in Naraka: Bladepoint


Kurumi is the best for team-based gameplay, with a multitude of support skills. Her first skill allows Kurumi to link with any teammate and heal that character, with an added bonus that allows Kurumi to teleport to that linked teammate at any time.

Her ultimate put down a massive circle that removes all negative status effects from allies.

Kurumi in Naraka: Bladepoint

Viper Ning

Viper Ning is an All-rounder who's great in team-based combat, with her crowd control abilities. Her first skill is a blast that temporarily disrupts enemies and prevents them from using abilities. Her ultimate is a powerful channeling skill that stuns enemies around her for 5 seconds... after a period of charging.

Just sneak up in a chaotic fight and charge the skill - it is a free win if you manage to get it off.

Viper Ning
Viper Ning in Naraka: Bladepoint

Above is the detailed guidelines for beginners in Naraka: Bladepoint. If you want to check more tips for PC Games, please refer to our related posts on GuruGamer.com!