For those who're the fans of the visual novel series Nekopara, this news might make your day better: Neko Works and Yostar has recently revealed that the series is getting its own mobile adaptation called Nekoparaiten!

Nekoparaiten 1
A mobile version of Nekopara is coming to mobile platforms!

If this is the first time you've heard about Nekopara, below is some information for you to catch up:

Originally developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project, Nekopara is a visual novel series with adult content. The plot of this series is pretty simple: players will have a normal life besides "Nekos" - basically catgirls - and can keep them as pets. Essentially, it's a cat paradise, but with nudity contents!

Nekopara is a visual novel series with mature contents.

The series received so much attention from the community that it got an anime OVA for all ages. The adaptation launched on Steam on December 2017, and quickly found its own way to the list of top earners in Steam at that time. Felix Film even revealed that the studio is working on an anime series inspired by Nekopara.

Yostar Games first announced Nekoparaiten for smartphones through a tweet during Anime Expo. The official Twitter of the game also urges people to stay tuned, as further details are yet to come. All we've known so far is that Nekoparaiten will, obviously, follow its original series as a paradise full of catgirls. In addition, the developer revealed that there is an English version of the game coming in 2020.

Nekopara 2
There is no expected release window for Nekoparaiten!

It looks like the popularity of Nekopara is still rising. After making its debut on Steam, the series keeps expanding on other platforms like PlayStation 4 and Switch. The world of anime-inspired catgirls seems to never stop being attractive for its loyal fans!