Japanese anime is cute, really. We love it, and even love it more when it becomes a little bit sexy. But there are limitations for everything. And the game Our World Is Ended is the perfect example of this.

The game Our World Is Ended

To be fair, Our World Is Ended is not a terrible game. It is good actually. This game is released by game developer PQube for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch console, and it is a sci-fi visual novel. The artwork for this game is incredible since it has truly brought the anime vibe for the game. The plot of this game tells the story of seven members of a small game development studio named Judgement 7. They are all stuck in a virtual world between fiction and reality. In this world, their creations for their video game come to life.

This game is perfect for any games who are seeking for a twisted sci-fi plot in a visual novel anime (and let’s be frank, we “kinda” all like that). The game begins with the main character Reiji sees a post-apocalyptic scene that makes him shocked. This is the result of a bug of his virtual reality program that he is testing in the street of Tokyo.

Our main character is a college student, also the part-time director of the Judgement 7 game development studio. Alongside the game, other characters are being introduced, and the game spends more and more time to talk about boobs. At some point, this game just pauses every other thing happening to discuss, describe, give information or zoom in boobs. This is partly thanks to the wandering mind of Reiji.

Our main character is ready for boob thoughts all the time

The other member of this Judgement 7 game development studio will slowly be introduced to us. There are three male members and four female members of the team. Beside Reiji, two other male characters in the team are Owari (also known as “The Perverted Programmer” – and yeah, his name “kinda” describe the whole game) and an overweight guy who calls himself Iruka No. 2. Owari is the director of the gaming studio, while Iruka No. 2 is a really cute and funny guy.

If the male characters of Our World Is Ended might make you feel a bit boring, take a look at the female characters of the game. First, we have an assistant name Yuno, and she has boobs as big as pillows (yeah, you can feel that her breasts will be the most comfortable pillow in the world). Next is Natsumi, the graphic designer of the team, and she has seemingly small boobs when she wears clothes, but her boobs are actually much bigger if she is naked. The sound designer of the team is Asano. Asano is a sister of Yuno, and she has really small boobs.

The character of the game

At this point, you may wonder how can I know all the details about the boobs of the female characters. The reason is simple: the game mentions them a lot. Our World Is Ended provides its players with comments and facts about boobs a lot because Reiji frequently thinks about his colleague’s boobs, regardless of the situation. Our main character’s mind always has places for boobs, no matter where he is: from the meeting room or the street of Tokyo at night with a bloodthirsty monster chasing him.

Any time is the time for boob thoughts

Not just Reiji, all members the Judgement 7 are ready for conversations about boobs. Owari and Iruka No. 2 complain about the small boobs of Asano with a non-stop frequency. They even call her “unfortunate” and “saddening”, despite the fact that she has a great sense of fashion style (ah yes, she punches her colleagues a lot too)

But all the above female characters’ boobs can never be compared to Erorie. This is an NPC from the games of Judgement 7 team, and she shows up later in the game when all the members of Judgement 7 team are stuck between the game world and the real world. To be fair, this game’s obsession for boobs starts to go beyond the limitation from this point.

Erorie - the NPC who is programmed to drop slimy white food on her boobs.

However, I still can find all of the above things acceptable (to a certain degree). But the way Our World Is Ended does with the last member of Judgement 7 team – Tatiana – definitely goes way too far. Below here is the description of this character, also the youngest member of the team.

Character Tatiana

In short, Tatiana is a young IT genius but she does not know much about social skills. You will meet this character a few hours into the game, and the first time you encounter Tatiana, things are really messy. In that scene, there is a child laying messily on the ground. In her left is a case with underwear for children and a stuffed bunny falling out. There is more underwear in the ground too. And to make things even worse, we have Tatiana screaming about her panty in the scene.

The first sense with character Tatiana

That is just too much.

And the scenes of Tatiana along the game keep getting worse and worse. Despite being under 18, this character comfortably talks about her boobs. She calls everyone “perverts” (even the main character) as she accuses people of going after her panties. Honestly, if this is not child porn, I’m not sure what to call it.

Pretty sure this is child porn .....

After all, Our World Is Ended is a fun game, with a great plot and lots of boobs (yeahhhhh). But perhaps PQube - the developer of this game – should take a serious reconsider about the content of this game. Perhaps more careful trimming about the 18+ content of the game will bring a better experience for players of the game.