Neo Cab is a brand-new title by Chance Agency, an independent developer based in San Francisco, California. In fact, this is their first game ever – a survival title where you are the last human driver in a world of fully-automated cabs. New Cab should be available soon via Apple Arcade. In addition, the game is planning to arrive on Nintendo Switch at some point too.

Neo Cab
Neo Cab, the first project by developer Chance Agency.


To begin with, you are Lina, the last human driver in the world. After losing contacts with your friend through mysterious circumstances, you head over to Los Ojos, attempting to investigate the case. Neo Cab will have branching storylines as the different choices you make leads to different scenarios. Therefore, think carefully when talking with the passengers coming on your ride.

Neo Cab
Meet your character Lina - the last human driver in a futuristic world full of robot cabs.

Survival element

While searching for information, you need to pick up passengers to not lose your job. The survival aspect of Neo Cab requires you to manage three distinct areas: star rating, cash and emotional health. Balance the three aspects for as long as you can to keep the job and to find your missing friend. As a narrative-driven title, every passenger will have their own story to discover. Carefully interact with them, make good choices to maintain your three main stats.

Neo Cab
Keep your job as a driver while searching for your friend.

Art style

To fit the storyline of the future, the developers made an excellent choice choosing the cell-shaded, neon-soaked art style. Also, Chance Agency hired Obfusc - who previously worked on House of Cards and Monument Valley - to take care of the music. Therefore, from an artistic point of view, Neo Cab feels mesmerizing.

Neo Cab
Neo Cab is the game that displays people's connection & the creeping advance of AI in a near-future city.

Neo Cab heads to Apple Arcade soon - Keep an eye out for its upcoming release on October 3rd.