FAMAS has come to PUBG Mobile for nearly two months. You also have had a chance to play with this new AR and understand it. Let's compare it with the iconic AR M416 to know which one is better.

#1. Base Damage & Rate Of Fire

Although many players complained that FAMAS is pretty weak, its base damage is equal to that of M416 and other 5.56 ARs in this game. Both FAMAS and M416 have a medium base damage of 41. It means that you need to shoot 2-3 bullets at the enemy's bare head to knock him down.

Famas Pubg Mobile
FAMAS and M416 have the same base damage per hit but different damage per second.

However, FAMAS has a higher rate of fire. Therefore, its damage-per-second (PDS) point is also higher. In specific, in 2.89 seconds, M416 can shoot 30 bullets while FAMAS can shoot 35 bullets. Moreover, its effective range and initial bullet speed of FAMAS is also higher than those of M416.

Famas Rate Of Fire
It's due to the higher rate of fire of FAMAS.

#2. Firing Mode

M416 only has two firing modes, including single and auto. Meanwhile, FAMAS has up to three fifing modes, including single, burst, and auto. Therefore, this new gun in PUBG Mobile seems to be more versatile because you can deal with short, mid, and long-range combat with these three firing modes. In the burst mode, FAMAS shoots three bullets per shot.

#3. Ammo Capacity & Reload Duration

In this criterion, M416 wins because it has a bigger ammo capacity. With an extended magazine, its bullet capacity is increased from 30 to 40. Meanwhile, the default mag of FAMAS is only 25. It can be extended to 35 when you attach an extended mag to this AR.

Famas Has Longer Reload Duration
FAMAS Has Longer Reload Duration

Besides, the reload speed of M426 is also higher. Therefore, it wastes less time to reload a full mag despite its larger ammo capacity. It makes M416 still better than FAMAS in instant combat and close combat.

M416 Has Larger Ammo Capacity
M416 Has Larger Ammo Capacity.

#4. Recoil

FAMAS has greater recoil than M416. It becomes one of the hardest to control weapons in this shooting game. Unlike most ARs in PUBG Mobile, both the vertical and horizontal recoil of this new 5.56 AR is very high. It makes the bullet concentration is very low.

Famas Recoil
Both the vertical and horizontal recoil of FAMAS is very high.

Meanwhile, M416 is one of the most stable and steady guns with very low recoil. Besides, FAMAS is shorter than M416. Therefore, the enemy has less chance to spot you when you hide behind small covers, such as trees.

M416 Is More Stable
M416 Is More Stable With Very Low Horizontal Recoil.

#5. Attachments

If you can use a foregrip to reduce the vertical recoil of M416, FAMAS doesn't accept this type of attachment. This new gun only accepts a muzzle, mag, scope, and canted sight. Meanwhile, you can use a lot of attachments to make M416 more stable and powerful, such as the muzzle, mag, foregrip, tactical stock, scope, and canted sight. Moreover, FAMAS is more silent than M416 with a suppressor.

Attachment Slots
M416 has more attachment slots while FAMAS doesn't accept a foregrip to reduce recoil.