There are a lot of events, lucky draw spins, and activities that give players a chance to win exclusive items. You can find items that never go on sale in the Luck Royale. And today, April 21, Garena launches a brand new Faded Wheel event, boasting the Dragon Mob Thompson skin. Let's learn more about this new event and how you can claim the rewards.

Thompson Dragon Mob
The Dragon Mob Thompson is now available.

Dragon Mob Thompson Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire

As usual, the new Faded Wheel event will last 7 days, starting from April 21, to April 27. To acquire the Grand Prize of the event, the Dragon Mob Thompson skin, survivors must spend Diamonds to spin for it.

The more you spin, the higher the chance of getting the Grand Rewards. However, the prize for each spin will also increase accordingly. The price for every spin is as follows: 9, 19, 29, 39, 69, 99, 199, 299, 599 Diamonds.

At the 8th spin, players are guaranteed to win the Dragon Mob Thompson skin.

Dragon Mob Guns
A new M82B skin is coming!

So, what's special about this weapon skin? The new Dragon Mob Thompson skin will increase its rate of fire, double its magazine capacity, but slightly reduces its reload speed. Overall, this skin will turn the Thompson into a formidable weapon.

If you want to acquire this new skin, follow the steps below to join the Faded Wheel event in Free Fire:

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and choose the Luck Royale section on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • #2: Choose the Faded Wheel tab on the bottom left side. You have now accessed the Dragon Mob Thompson Faded Wheel.
  • #3: Spend Diamonds to draw rewards from the spin. The rewards will not repeat themselves, increasing your chance of winning as you draw more. Also, the first spin is free.
Thompson Faded Wheel Spin
Spin to win

Note: You have to eliminate two unwanted items from the prize pool. This also increases your chance of winning. You will also receive a cumulative bonus for making a certain number of spins. 

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