Dungeon & Goddess is a new hero-collecting RPG Coming from Korean developer NadiaSoft. It involves building a “deck” of heroes and then take them into battle against the 5 fallen archangels that are unleashing chaos upon Earth. If you are a fan of gacha games and anime aesthetics, this might be a game worth looking into. Check out its trailer below:

Collect them all

Dungeon & Goddess features 150 heroes and creatures to collect, all with a set of unique abilities at their disposal. To hold your own against the archangels and their minions, you’ll need to pick from these characters to create the strongest team possible.

Dungeon Goddess Android Artwork Hero Summon 9971_wm
Hundreds of heroes to collect

Develop your strategy

Battles in this game are turn-based, and your heroes are categorized into 6 different hero types and 4 elemental types which partly determine how effective they are in the fight. The elementals include Fire, Water, Electricity, and Wind, and they work in a system similar to rock-paper-scissors. This encourages you to strategically customize your team to exploit the weaknesses of your enemies, in turn increasing your chance of winning. Some trials and errors will be needed, but when you finally figure out the way to defeat a tough boss, the satisfaction is just so sweet.

Dungeon Goddess Android Artwork Strategy 9350_wm
Strategically build your team to overcome tough battles

Take on the tower

After completing the main campaign, you can push your limits with the Infinite Tower. As the name suggests, this mode puts you in an endless series of battles, and your progress will be kept track of and ranked against other players from around the world. If you want to just straight up compete against someone in a head-to-head battle, there’s a PvP mode for that too. On the other hand, you can also join forces with others to take on Boss Raids. The daily dungeon, meanwhile, is a great way to obtain essential resources.

Dungeon & Goddess is available globally right now on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with IAPs.