You might have heard of Steven Universe, a popular cartoon network series about a time-traveling kid named Steven and his friends. Now, the gang is set to make their first appearance on the iOS platform with Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, a new RPG that’s available on Apple Arcade right now. Check out its trailer below:

The game features 6 playable characters to choose from, all of whom are familiar faces from the cartoon. Obviously Steven is there, and accompanying him are 5 of his Gem pals: Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Bismuth, and Lapis Lazuli – ageless alien warriors who fight to protect humanities from monsters and other threats.

As you progress through the story, you'll find yourself facing off against 2 new Gems. Fans of Steven Universe will probably be pleased to learn that these new characters as well as the story of the game itself were co-developed by Rebecca Sugar, creator of the original cartoon. Not only that, but the voice cast also makes a return to play their respective roles as well. It’s clear that the game is doing everything it can to deliver to fans as authentic of an experience as possible.

Steven Universe Unleash The Light Apple Arcade Ios 7875_wm
An authentic experience is promised here

You'll be able to customize your team to your liking by choosing who to bring along and unlocking new costumes for them. There are many abilities for you to acquire as you play as well, and your team roster will also play a crucial role in battles as the appropriate line-up can allow for powerful combos or even Gem Fusions.

Steven Universe Unleash The Light Apple Arcade Ios 3968_wm
Customize your team by choosing who to bring along on your adventure

Even if you have not watched Steven Universe, there are still many things to enjoy in Unleash the Light, namely the pleasant aesthetic and tactical turn-based battles and a generally pleasant aesthetic.

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is currently accessible via Apple Arcade. For more information on Apple’s latest subscription service, check out our previous articles.