If only you could renovate a house in real life as easily as you do in Dream Home Match. This casual match-3 puzzle game takes you to the old family house of Dawson and Oliver. These two chipper chaps are planning to tidy up the place a little bit as a surprise gift to their parents on their anniversary day, and you’re invited to help.

Dream Home Match Android Artwork Familyathome
Help Dawson and Oliver renovate their old house as an anniversary gift to their parents

So, what do you have in mind when it comes to renovating a house? Lifting boxes? Cleaning dust off of hard-to-reach corners?  I bet completing match-3 puzzles isn’t part of your list, but that’s precisely what you’ll be doing here. As you wander around the house, new jobs will pop up, and more often than not they involve replacing some old furniture. To earn the new units, you have to complete a match-3 challenge, moving the icons on the puzzle grid so that 3 of the same kind line up together. There are special icons as well, such as bombs, propellers, or Rubik cubes, each of which has a special effect that you can utilize to overcome the puzzle more quickly and achieve more points.

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Once you’ve unlocked a new piece of decor, you can then pick a style you like from a couple of options to decorate the place to your own personal liking. Maybe go for the blue bed to match the color of the curtains? Or the floral wallpaper to add a touch of old-fashioned classiness. With every puzzle you overcome, you’ll also reveal part of a sweet family photo.

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You can pick a style you like from a couple of options to decorate the place to your own personal liking

Between the puzzles, you can entertain yourself by following the witty brotherly banters between Dawson and Oliver. It’s a fun way for you to get to know them, which makes the entire affair of helping them deliver a memorable anniversary present to their parents all the more fulfilling.

Dream Home Match is available for free on both Android and iOS right now.