The name Dawn of the Dragons will probably sound familiar to some people. It started out as an RPG on Facebook all the way back in 2010 and later made its way to Android and iOS in 2013. The impressive part is, the game is still going strong even to this day thanks to its dedicated community and developer 5th Planet Games constantly keeping it updated with new content.

Soon, the game will be getting a sequel titled Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension, which seeks to expand upon the success of its predecessor by improving all the things that fans love about the original – the narrative-driven quests, the intuitive turn-based combat, etc. – while giving the entire system a modern overhaul and making it more accessible to new players. Check out its trailer below:

There’s also a strong emphasis on community-driven experiences this time around: Players will be able to join their friends more easily or assist fellow adventurers with the guild system. It allows everyone to team up in order to overcome the various multiplayer missions and raids.

Dawn Of The Dragons Ascension Ios Artwork Explore
The game will put a strong emphasis on community-driven experiences

And of course, the turn-based nature of the combat system means you have to consider your every move carefully. As you progress, you’ll recruit intriguing allies to help you out in battle as well as acquiring more powerful gear. There are also abilities and spells to unlock, so do expect quite a bit of depth here.

Expect quite a bit of depth here

The story takes places in the land of Tor’gyyl (weird name, I know) and sees you fighting to drive back the Dragon Armies and their ‘Draconic Overlords,’ pretty much the usual stuff, so there’s not much to talk about here.

Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension is scheduled to hit Google Play and the App Store on the 30th of September. Given what the original Dawn of the Dragons has managed to achieve, it’ll be interesting to see how this one will be received. Stay tuned for more updates!