Being one of the biggest markets for video games, The US has been seeing a fierce competition of top mobile games in the world with top rivals are PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, and Free Fire. While all of them have been doing well and accelerating more and more new players, PUBG Mobile surpassed its rivals to become the highest-earning mobile game over the past year.

According to Sensor Tower, the most trusted mobile app store marketing intelligence, from October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020, PUBG Mobile earned $274M only from the US market. Meanwhile, the income of Fortnite, COD Mobile, and Free Fire are respectively $239M, $215M, and $148M.

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Total revenue of most popular battle royale games in the US over the pass year

PUBG Mobile - the highest-earning mobile game in the world in 2020

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was first released for Windows in December 2017, with the mobile version being released worldwide in March 2018. Within the game, players have the ability to buy an in-game currency which they can then use to purchase crates containing weapon customizations and character upgrades. In April 2020, around 58.8 percent of the total player spending on the app originated in China.

After making it big with the PC version titled PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), the game developer quickly released the mobile version in 2018, which was a true phenomenon at that time. PUBG Mobile has become the leading title in terms of the first-person shooter with more than 30 core active users all over the world. Most of the income comes from buying virtual items and special features in the game. In fact, the game soar into the highest-earning mobile game, not only in the US but all over the world. Most of its income is from China, followed by the US, Japan, Korea and some other European country.

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How much PUBG Mobile earned from India

Despite the sharp increase in terms of players with more than 3 core active users, the market value of India is quite moderate in comparison to other markets. After nearly two years since the release date, the lifetime income of PUBG Mobile in India is only $41.2M (Rs 301 crore) which accounts for 1.2% of the game total income ($3B). In addition to that, PUBG Mobile has faced a big challenge as the Indian government recently blocked the app for having a relation to China in the fear of a cyber attack from its neighbor.

While PUBG Mobile is soaring into the no.1 game in many countries in the world, the future of the game, as well as the PUBG Mobile gaming community in India, is unclear. Given the fact that the market value of India is less lucrative than other countries, is it worth for PUBG owner to try their best on lifting the ban in the country?

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