Last week, we learned that the Cristiano Ronaldo x Free Fire collaboration was confirmed. The world's football superstar is coming to the game as a brand new character - Chrono. The arrival of Chrono marks the birth of a new universe in Free Fire. Let's check out all the new content players can enjoy in the new update.

New Features in Operation Chrono

Players are able to indulge in the details of Operation Chrono as soon as they start the game. Various features of the event have taken over the main interface of Free Fire. Take part in daily tasks under the Chrono Mission to unlock multiple rewards. On spawn island, there will be a portal connecting the new futuristic slum universe with the classic Free Fire universe.

Resposta Ff Cr7
Ronaldo is coming to Free Fire

Chrono Will Land in Free Fire on December 19th

As the main attraction of the whole update, Chrono is coming to the rescue, armed with skills that tame the chaos. He can create a force field that blocks incoming damage while allowing attacks from within. Chrono and his allies in the force field also gets a movement speed buff.

Operation Chrono Event Cyber Blade
Login on December 19th to win a Cyber Blade

Exclusive Operation Chrono Fashion Items

Operation Chrono will bring a set of themed cosmetic items:

  • S Class Costumes
The Cyber Bounty hunter Bundle
The Cyber Bounty Hunter Bundles
  • AUG Gun Skin
The AUG gun
Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG
  • Katana
Cyber Bounty Hunter Katana
Cyber Bounty Hunter Katana

New Game Modes

The new Operation Chrono will welcome two new game modes: Cosmic Racer and The Chosen One.

Cosmic Racer

This is a limited-time Battle Royale racing mode available from December 13th. 15 teams of two players will fight until the last racer team remaining. Players can play solo or with a friend, where one drives while the other shoots from the back seat.

Details about the Cosmic Racer game mode
Details about the Cosmic Racer game mode

Chosen One

In this game mode, two teams of four players will battle each other to get points for every opponent eliminated. The first team to reach 40 points wins. Across the duration of the match, two players from each team will be randomly picked for one-on-0ne duels. The duel winner will earn Bonus Time (30 seconds) for their team, where every elimination gets double the points. The Chosen One will be online from December 19th.

Details about the Chosen One game mode
Details about the Chosen One game mode

Vending Machine

An all-new Vending Machine is also available in Free Fire. Players can obtain items by using 3D tokens, which are scattered across drops throughout the map.

Vending Machine will be available across the map
Collect 3D tokens to use the Vending Machine

Operation Chrono on BOOYAH!

Players can watch Operation Chrono on BOOYAH!. Enjoy an action-packed four-day event featuring India’s top streamers, featuring celebrity guests - Suhani Shah, the first female magician in India, and stand-up comedian Nishant Tanwar. From December 21st to 24th, they will compete with the likes of UnGraduate Gamer, Tonde Gamer, and X-Mania in fun versions of the Battle Royale mode.

Players should not miss out on rewards on the BOOYAH! app
Don't miss your chance to get exclusive rewards

But the fun does not stop there. Players challenge the participants themselves. First-time viewers can directly interact with streamers on the BOOYAH! app. Lobby details will be shared with the whole community, the fastest to enter gets the chance to fight. Tune in to the BOOYAH! India Official Channel to win official BOOYAH! merchandise. There will also be in-game drops that worth 5,000,000 Free Fire Diamonds.